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Boost Your Mind & Body – At the Library!

Posted about 1 year ago by Heather H

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Let’s make 2017 the year of the mind AND the body. After all, without your minds and bodies, we wouldn’t be needed, so we want to help you make yours the best it can be!

Start by trading in that expensive gym membership for a library card – and instead of spending time fighting the New Year’s resolution crowds; you’ll be reaping the rewards of getting fit for FREE in 2017.

Streaming Videos

If you have internet streaming abilities on your TV, hoopla is the way to go. Use your library card to access more than 190 videos under hoopla’s Health & Fitness category, including a really cool “virtual walk/jog/bike” series that’ll take you all over the world, while you get fit from the comfort of your home!

Paris Virtual Walking Tour (streaming video - hoopla)Cornwall, England Virtual Bike Ride (streaming video - hoopla)Rhodes, Greece Virtual Walk (streaming video - hoopla)Bermuda Virtual Walk (streaming video - hoopla)

eBooks / Audiobooks

Get fit at your own pace by using eBooks and audiobooks! Most people don’t think of books when they think about health and fitness, but there are many beneficial books out there that offer instructions, exercise routines, meditations, and more. Start with Overdrive, which offers more than 820 eBooks and audiobooks (as well as videos) in its Health & Fitness category, including:

The Brain Fog Fix by Dr. Mike DowThe Brain Fog Fix by Dr. Mike Dow
Available Formats: eBook | eAudiobook | Print

Is stress preventing you from enjoying your daily life? Do you find that you're becoming more distracted or forgetful? Are "the blues" sapping your spirits? Or do you simply feel not quite like yourself? Fortunately, there is a solution.

The Brain Fog Fix is an easy-to-follow three-week program designed to help naturally restore three of your brain's most crucial hormones: serotonin, dopamine, and cortisol. Rebalancing these chemicals will in turn enable the rest of your brain's chemistry to reach optimal levels. Each week of the program focuses on a different element of your life.
Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul by Deepak ChopraReinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul by Deepak Chopra
Available Formats: eBook | eAudiobook | Audiobook | Print

Deepak Chopra presents 10 lessons to help build awareness and change the distorted energy patterns that are the root cause of aging, infirmity, and disease. Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul delivers 10 breakthroughs – five for the body and five for the soul –that lead to self-transformation.

In clear, accessible terms, Chopra shows us how to commit ourselves to deeper awareness, focus on relationships instead of consumption, embrace every day as a new world, and transcend the obstacles that afflict body and mind.
7 Minutes to Fit by Brett Klika7 Minutes to Fit by Brett Klika
Available Formats: eBook

Whether you have just a few minutes to dedicate to exercising or are looking for a daily routine, 7 Minutes to Fit has a plan that will work for you! Rooted in scientific research about the benefits of high intensity interval training, this book features 50 illustrated interval circuits that only require a chair and your body weight to complete.

Award-winning personal trainer Brett Klika provides step-by-step explanations of basic exercise movements paired with helpful illustrations so you can get started moving your way to a healthier, more energized body. With circuits devoted to full body, arms, legs, and core, 7 Minutes to Fit is all you need for a quick and effective workout.
Essential Yoga by Olivia H. MillerEssential Yoga by Olivia H. Miller
Available Formats: eBook I Print

From the author of the best-selling Yoga Deck comes Essential Yoga—the only hatha yoga book to offer 100+ poses, 180+ illustrations, and 50+. Practical and interactive, it focuses on the poses themselves, providing clear, concise instructions and detailed illustrations for each, all in a lay-flat format that's easy to refer to during yoga practice.

It also includes six classic moving meditations (such as Sun Salutation), 10 beginner-to-advanced sessions, and 48 mini-sequences designed to build strength for specific activities or alleviate health problems. Essential Yoga combines physical poses, breathing exercises, and meditations into a simple and complete reference guide for yoga practitioners of all levels.

Still thinking you’d like some human contact with your mind & body regime? You can get that at your Library too! We’ve put together a list of programs designed to keep you mentally and physically fit:

Coloring Programs

January 46:30 p.m.Oregon BranchColor Me Calm
January 711 a.m.Main LibraryKeep Calm & Color On
January 106 p.m.Birmingham BranchColor Me Calm
January 236:30 p.m.Waterville BranchColor Me Calm
February 16:30 p.m.Oregon BranchColor Me Calm
February 411 a.m.Main LibraryKeep Calm & Color On
February 136:30 p.m.Lagrange BranchColor Me Calm
February 146 p.m.Birmingham BranchColor Me Calm
February 146:30 p.m.Point Place BranchColor Me Calm
February 206:30 p.m.Waterville BranchColor Me Calm
February 216:30 p.m.Point Place BranchColor Me Calm

Yoga & Meditation Programs

January 148 a.m.King Road BranchRoyal Yoga: Morning Poses
January 142:30 p.m.Sanger BranchMindfulness / Meditation
January 218 a.m.King Road BranchRoyal Yoga: Morning Poses
February 118 a.m.King Road BranchRoyal Yoga: Morning Poses
February 188 a.m.King Road BranchRoyal Yoga: Morning Poses
February 252 p.m.Sanger BranchMindfulness / Meditation

More Mind & Body Programs

January 187 p.m.King Road BranchMercy Health Talks: Sleep
February 166:30 p.m.Oregon BranchZumba for Adults
February 217 p.m.King Road BranchMercy Health Talks: Heart Health
February 236:30 p.m.Oregon BranchZumba for Adults

Ready to work out your mind and body with the Library in 2017, but don’t yet have a library card? Get a card here.

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