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New Digital Photos and How to Decorate With Them for Cheap

Posted about 28 days ago by John D

Posted in Arts, Crafts and Hobbies, History and Politics, Local History, Nonfiction and Research and Resources | Tagged with digital collections, historic photos, local history, Ohio Memory, Toledo, Ohio and vintage photographs

The Local History and Genealogy department of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library works to make our materials available as widely as possible by scanning books, maps, architectural drawings and photographs. They are made available through our partnership with Ohio Memory - here are some photo collections added in August.

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A Whole Lot of Fascination in A Little Bit of History

Posted about 1 month ago by Amy H

Posted in eBooks and Audiobooks, Education, History and Politics, Nonfiction and Research and Resources | Tagged with civilization - history, cooking, Databases, Earth Sciences, ecosystem, education, geology, history, life sciences, microhistories, plants, science, social history and weather

For those overwhelmed by the massive span of scientific and cultural history, there are Microhistories.

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Research 101: Using Library Databases to Find Scholarly Sources

Posted 10 months ago by Rebecca S

Posted in Business and Investing, Education, Fiction, Graphic Novels and Poetry, History and Politics, Nonfiction and Research and Resources | Tagged with articles, database searching, Databases, educational tools, library databases, library resources , peer reviewed articles, research databases, research tools, scholarly sources and student research

Research with TLCPL is now easier then ever before! By utilizing our research option on the homepage, library users can explore a world of databases that offer appropriate, scholarly resources fit for use in class assignments.

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Civic Literacy and Your Library

Posted about 1 year ago by Melissa J

Posted in History and Politics and Research and Resources | Tagged with ballot issues, Board of Elections, candidates, civic literacy, democracy, election, fact check, fake news, government, information literacy, politics, polling location, voter registration and voting

How do you know whether or not the information you have is credible, accurate, or true? We're here to help you make educated and informed decisions before casting your ballot.

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