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Lights, Camera, Action! GoPro Video Camera Kits from Your Local Library

Posted 12 months ago by Amber B

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The GoPro action camera has become very popular because it's fun and easy to use; it produces high quality photos and movies; and it’s versatile. It's known as an action camera because it's often used to film action scenes outdoors, it’s waterproof, and it’s sturdy. It can be used to create short films, to develop stop motion animation, make underwater videos, or take high quality vacation photos. The possibilities are endless, and getting started is as simple as going to the library.

The Toledo Lucas County Public Library has two types of GoPro kits that can be checked out for one week and renewed twice. The GoPro basic kit is available for customers of all ages at the Oregon Branch Library, and contains a GoPro Hero entry level action camera, case, straps, camera housing, microcard, cables, and adapters. The GoPro deluxe kit is available for adult customers only at the King Road Branch Library, and contains a GoPro Hero4 action camera, case, straps, camera housing, microcard, cables, and adapters. 

GoPro kits must be checked out and returned to the same library location (inside the building during library hours - do not place this material in the drop box). Talk to a staff member today at Oregon or King Road Branch to reserve the GoPro kit of your choice.

Want to learn more about the GoPro Camera?

Check out these great GoPro and Cinematography books:
GoPro for Dummies by John Carucci (c.2017)

GoPro Cameras for Dummies by John Carucci

Shoot, edit, and share action-packed video with a GoPro

The world moves fast—so if you want to capture it in real time, only a fast-moving camera will do. Enter the GoPro! This small but powerful camera is easy to hold, wear, or mount to capture video of all your high-speed adventures. Unfortunately, to the uninitiated, it can be a bit intimidating—but fear not! With the help of this revised edition of GoPro Cameras For Dummies, you'll acquire the skills needed to shoot high-quality video or photos, edit raw footage into a final masterpiece, and share your GoPro works of art with the world.

Compared with traditional digital video devices, the GoPro is a superhero. Okay, so it can't scale high rises, but it can go virtually anywhere and produce thrilling new perspectives of an epic slalom down the slopes or awesomely scenic hike—and everything in between. When still photos simply won't do the trick, GoPro Cameras For Dummies shows you step by step how to use your GoPro camera to make movies, work with available light, create time-lapse sequences, and so much more.

How To Use The GoPro HERO 4 Black: The Book For Your Camera by Jordon Hetrick

How To Use The GoPro HERO 4 Black: The Book For Your Camera by Jordon Hetrick

This easy-to-use guide will help you understand how to use your GoPro® HERO4 Black Edition camera with confidence from the initial setup, during filming and finally into an edited video clip or photo gallery. It's a lot easier than you think to use your GoPro® camera to create impressive professional quality video clips and photos. By the time you finish this book, you will finally know how to use your GoPro® camera to record, edit and share your unique point of view.

GoPro : professional guide to filmmaking / Bradford Schmidt, Brandon Thompson

GoPro: Professional Guide to Filmmaking by Bradford Schmidt and Brandon Thompson

Where inspiration meets technical craft, this guide to professional filmmaking with a GoPro is packed with hundreds of photos and interactive links to videos created by professional athletes, filmmakers, and inspired GoPro users around the world. As the only book to cover the art and technique of advanced filmmaking by the team at GoPro, you'll get a unique insider's look at GoPro's history, all the different camera modes and settings, standard and experimental mounts, shooting principles, and editing techniques. Whether you're a professional filmmaker, top athlete or an aspiring enthusiast, you'll get all the inspiration and instruction you need to capture and create your own engaging edits to share with the world.

Cinematography by Mike Goodridge and Tim Grierson

Cinematography by Mike Goodridge and Tim Grierson

Covers the complex craft of cinematography through discussions with notable cinematographers, like Vittorio Storaro and Christopher Doyle. With stills, photos from the sets, and in-depth exploration of both iconic and contemporary projects.

The LEGO Animation Book: Make Your Own LEGO Movies! by David Pagano and David Pickett

The LEGO Animation Book: Make Your Own LEGO Movies! by David Pagano and David Pickett

A guide to stop-motion LEGO animation, with instructions and exercises covering all the steps in the filmmaking process. Includes equipment suggestions, sound and lighting tips, animation and special effects techniques, storyboarding exercises, tricks for designing sets, and acting methods for minifigs.

How To Make Movies: Low-Budget/No-Budget Indie Experts Tell All by Kevin J. Lindenmuth

How To Make Movies: Low-Budget/No-Budget Indie Experts Tell All by Kevin J. Lindenmuth

Join two dozen independent filmmakers as they bluntly chronicle their experiences creating features "from the trenches." They cover the major stages of the filmmaking process, from financing, technical decisions, and handling actors and crew to music, production, and distribution. This collection of war stories from the micro-budget front lines will benefit aspiring and experienced independent filmmakers alike.

The Digital filmmaking handbook / Mark Brindle

The Digital Filmmaking Handbook: The Definitive Guide to Digital Filmmaking by Mark Brindle

Providing the latest advice on equipment, including HD and DSLR cameras, accessories and software, this authoritative resource covers every aspect of filmmaking, from the basics of capturing footage and planning a shoot, to the more advanced aspects of editing and post-production.

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