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Meet Libby: OverDrive's New eBook and eAudiobook App

Posted about 1 year ago by Andy Lechlak

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Libby can't be that great right? Well with Libby you sign in once and have access to multiple Libraries with one or more library cards. This allows you to see all holds and loans in one place. This is a huge quality of life enhancement for those with multiple library cards (including children or spouse) or multiple cards from other library systems.

The current OverDrive app has done a good job of getting us here, but has had a few instability errors (Session Expired) as of late and we are encouraging people to switch over to Libby. The new interface is easier to use, clean, and modern. Need help? Check out the Libby Help Page!

libby app
libby app
libby app
libby app

Libby was designed with eAudiobook users in mind, introducing online as well as offline streaming. Already a seasoned OverDrive app user? Don’t fret! Currently, OverDrive users can access their holds and loans through the new app.

Libby App Store
Libby Google Play
Libby MS Store

Key features:

  • Sign in to multiple libraries, with one or more library cards.
  • Read OverDrive eBooks in the Libby app or transfer them to a Kindle device.
  • Download eBooks and eAudiobooks for offline reading.
  • Sample any eBook or eAudiobook without waiting.
  • All your holds and loans are consolidated on a single shelf.
  • Your loans, holds, reading positions, bookmarks and notes are synchronized automatically across all your devices.

Features to be added:

  • Accessibility Mode
  • Multilingual Interface
  • eReading Rooms
  • Recommending materials to your Library
  • Streaming Video

Try Libby today and happy reading!

Libby App Store
Libby Google Play
Libby MS Store

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