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Mystery Doors Open Much for Essay Winners

Posted over 2 years ago by Heather H

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My trip to the door started in Homs, Syria.  When the war started in 2011, snipers were on top of buildings killing people. – Yazan Kassab, Third Place, Grade 7

A door to a life free from war.
A door to our long term memories.
A door to your future potential.
A door to happiness.

This year’s Ruth Blank Venner and Mary Jane Blank McCormick Essay Contest winners’ found a diverse range of wonders behind their mystery doors. The 20th annual contest's competition was steep! Eighteen judges poured through nearly 1,100 entries, choosing 36 winners and honorable mentions.

The reception where winners are invited to read their essays to friends and family is always one of my favorite days of the year at the Library. Why?

Because the essays are touching.
Because they are creative…and funny!
Because students put their heart into writing them.
Because it means a lot...

It means that we are encouraging our younger generations to be writers and more importantly, to imagine the possibilities. The possibilities of what three wishes could do (our 2015 theme), of how they would rule our nation as president (our 2016 theme), and of what lies behind the mystery door (this year’s theme). Looking for a good cliffhanger? Watch this two minute video of some of the students reading either the first or last line from their essays.

Hearing students read this year’s essays…
I laughed – a bossy brother, gumdrops that taste like veggies, haha!
I grew hopeful – a door to our own potential, a key to happiness.
I shed a few tears – a Syrian refuge, a door to our long-term memories – so many poignant pieces.

And now, I invite you to read the essays - see how they make you feel as well:

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