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Permaculture From The Ground Up

Posted over 2 years ago by Linda K

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Permaculture is one of the hottest words in gardening, taking organic to the next step. Traditional organic gardening seeks to garden or farm while doing no damage. Permaculture is a still-developing science of working the way nature does to create food and renew itself. For instance, why clear out a patch of land and put one variety of plant there? It takes a huge amount of chemicals or human energy to kill off other plants and make the soil fertile. Why not find plants that work together to take up the same patch–nut trees, for instance, near vegetables that like to grow in shade, and add to that plants that will fix nitrogen in the soil, making the other plants more fertile? And maybe raising some chickens that will help clear out the weeds, and feed off the leaves of one of the plants while providing fertilizer? That’s the kind of thinking behind permaculture. Permaculture works beyond growing food to other things, like creating energy-sustainable shelter, using water more efficiently, and making other parts of modern life less wasteful.

The first thinkers and experimenters in permaculture worked in Australia and the tropics, but it has worked its way to North America. Paradise Lot by Eric Toensmeier is an engaging account of two plant geeks who decided to try out its theories in a one-tenth acre lot in urban Massachusetts. For people with even less space, the book Getting Started in Permaculture by Ross and Jenny Mars has over 50 DIY projects to create a more sustainable garden.

Here are more great resources on this fascinating topic ...

Permaculture: The Art of Garding by Andrea Kong (eBook from hoopla)Permaculture: The Art of Gardening by Andrea Kong

Permaculture: The Art of Gardening is a text that highlights the tenets of permaculture which was popularized in the 1970s by Bill Mollison. To some it may seem to be an extreme form of sustainable living but to others it may seen to be just the right thing to get things back in balance, it is a great text to help those who do not understand or have little knowledge of the concept to have a better grasp of it. The author has ensured that everything is broken down into sections so that it is easy to follow in the long run. All the principles of this method of sustainable living are outlined in a bid to get ethers to see the viability of this sort of lifestyle. The reader will learn that it is all about saving the environment. The necessary steps must be taken to preserve the environment.
The Permaculture Handbook : garden farming for town and country by Peter Bane ; foreword by David HolmgrenThe Permaculture Handbook: Garden Farming for Town and Country by Peter Bane

A step-by-step, illustrated guide to creating resilient and prosperous households and neighborhoods across America introduces permaculture as a practical way to live well with less money, convert waste into wealth, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and increase the availability of local produce.
Practical Permaculture for Home Landscapes, Your Community, and the Whole Earth by Jessi Bloom and Dave BoehnleinPractical Permaculture for Home Landscapes, Your Community and the Whole Earth by Jessi Bloom and Dave Boehnlein

"The idea behind permaculture is simple: take care of the earth, and the earth will take care of you. In clear, logical steps, Practical Permaculture offers the tools you need to live a life rich in healthy food, safe housing, and renewable resources. This hardworking book covers the basic principles of permaculture, showing the entire design process from land assessment to the completed master plan, with detailed information on the plants, water, waste, energy, shelter, food, animals, and structures that make up the garden. Filled with real-life examples from all over the world, this invaluable resource will help you turn your property into a sustainable ecosystem." - Amazon
Permaculture and Climate Change Adaptation by Thomas Henfrey and Gil Penha-LopesPermaculture and Climate Change Adaptation (eBook) by Thomas Henfrey and Gil Penha-Lopes

Permaculture is a design system for sustainable human habitats and basis of a worldwide citizen-led movement present in over 100 countries. For decades, permaculture practitioners have devised creative responses to changes in local climatic conditions. In doing so, they have developed a collective knowledge and experience invaluable to global efforts to address climate change.This book seeks to bring this expertise from the margins into the center of policy debates and mainstream action. It describes in broad terms how permaculture's underlying philosophy and perspective on climate change complements those of formal science and indigenous knowledge, provides detailed descriptions of practical applications drawing on case studies from around the world, and considers how global responses can most effectively draw upon the unique contributions permaculture has to make.

Even More Books on Permaculture ...

Beyond the war on invasive species : a permaculture approach to ecosystem restoration / Tao Orion ; foreword by David HolmgrenGaia's Garden : A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture by Toby HemenwayIntegrated forest gardening : the complete guide to polycultures and plant guilds in permaculture systems / Wayne Weiseman, Daniel Halsey, and Bryce Ruddock
Sustainable Revolution : Permaculture in Ecovillages, Urban Farms, and Communities Worldwide by Juliana Birnbaum and Louis FoxThe Ultimate Guide To Permaculture  written and illustrated by Nicole FairesThe Vegetable Gardener's Guide To Permaculture : Creating an Edible Ecosystem by Christopher Shein with Julie Thompson
Farming the Woods : An Integrated Permaculture Approach to Growing Food and Medicinals in Temperate Forests by Ken Mudge and Steve Gabriel ; foreword by John F. MunsellPermaculture in Pots : How to Grow Food in Small Urban Spaces by Juliet KempBioshelter Market Garden : A Permaculture Farm by Darrell Frey

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