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Best Picture Books of 2018

Posted 5 months ago by Cindy V

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Two perspectives on some of the best children's picture books of 2018.

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Picture Books Featuring Feisty, Self-Confident Heroines

Posted 8 months ago by Patti L

Posted in 101 Picture Book Challenge, Children and Parenting and eBooks and Audiobooks | Tagged with animals - fiction, early literacy, etiquette, feisty, friendship, heroines, humorous books for kids, identity, perseverance, picture books, reading, reading recommendations, ready to read, school, self-confidence, self-esteem, stories and words

Stories featuring fun stories and spunky heroines.

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A Year Of ...

Posted about 1 year ago by Sarah H

Posted in Children and Parenting, Cooking, Home and Garden, eBooks and Audiobooks, Health and Wellness and History and Politics | Tagged with adventure travel, ambition, autobiographies, compulsive hoarding, goals, gratitude, happiness, housekeeping, Humor, inspiration, journeys, memoirs, motivation, personal growth, personal narratives, relationships, self-actualization, self-confidence, self-discovery, self-improvement, year long memoir projects and year-long projects

How much can one person accomplish in the span of a year - continue reading to find out.

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