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Variety Makes Creativity

Posted over 2 years ago by Angela B

Posted in Children and Parenting and Teen and Pre-Teens | Tagged with make u and mobile art labs

At the Kent Branch Library, we do our children's programs a bit different from most other branches.  We allow any age 0-18, we do not have registration, and children come in late and leave early.  So, when the Make U Mobile Art Labs were offered to Kent, I knew that this would be interesting.  The other branches participating would have separate classes for older and younger children with different projects, with the classes' capacity at 20.  My Make U classes would be a mishmash of ages and a surprise participation turnout.

This intricacy made for curious classes.  We had the older children assisting the younger and the younger children giving ideas to the older; the results were beautiful.

Our first class was the digital photography mobile art lab. Kent’s tween boys were most enthusiastic about this class, and the instructor did not disappoint!  The instructor added an extra bit of excitement for the children by utilizing what they learned to complete a scavenger hunt.  Because the instructor taught how to get interesting perspective, lighting, and scale, the photographs turned out great! 

We also had an excellent session with our painting mobile art lab.  Some children drew out every line and deliberately mixed the colors to the exact desired hue, while others painted directly onto their canvases and mixed their entire palette to see what would happen. The results were a mix of realism and abstract works.

Overall, the Make U Mobile Art Labs enriched the children's library experience and exposed them to professional artist tools, medium, and techniques. We cannot wait to see what the children create next!

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