Letter from Susan B Anthony to Mrs. Williams June 20, 1876



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hard at work ever since--She & Mrs. Gage are now grinding away at our 4th of July Declaration of Independence--Do you call a meeting at home--if it is a possible thing I will get a copy of our Declaration over to you in time for reading through on the 4th but I may fail on that--Phebe Cowgins started for St. Louis last night--she--Rev. Olympian brown Mr. Minor & Mrs. Merriwether are our delegates to the Dem. Con. at St. Louis--I was glad to hear from you--& hope your struggle will end in getting in your ballot box on a ____ _____ basis--You see the W.S. hasn't learned yet that we have ______

   ______ yours---S.B.A.

___Didn't Mrs. _____ do nicely at _______--but what a shabby ____ ______ _____ made of us---