Letter from Samuel Andrews to Major General John Bell, General Order, Feb. 25, 1835



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    Genl Order   Adjutant Genls Office
        Columbus, Ohio
        Feby 25th 1835

To Major Genl John Bell


I am directed by the Commander in Chief to inclose(sic) you a copy of his official message to the General Assembly of Ohio together with a copy of a preamble and resolution relative to the northern border of the State of Ohio, also a copy of an act passed the 23rd instant defining the northern boundary of certain counties within the state and for other purposes to which was added by order of the General Assemble, an act of the Legislative Council of Michigan--passed the 12th instant  By this act of Michigan you will perceive the menacing position she assumes--This menace, I am directed by the Commander in Chief to ______ to you will be wholly _____ by Ohio.  By the 2nd resolution of the 23rd instant the general assembly has ordered that measures ought to be immediately taken by the Legislature and judicial authority of Ohio to cause her jurisdiction to be fully established through every part of her territory as directed in her constitution, and to obtain for her laws and public offices that respect and obedience from all persons residing or coming within her borders, to which they are properly entitled, and in pursuance of this declaration the Legislature passed the act of the 23rd instant declaration of the northern borderyof the state which act declares the counties of Williams, Henry