Letter from Major General John Bell to Samuel C. Andrews, March 13, 1835



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Lower Sandusky March 13, 1835

Sir, I received the order of the Commander in Chief and proceeded accordingly. In order to ascertain as near as possible the true state of things. I went to Toledo with the Intention of going to Monroe. But on the____ I met the order of Gov. Brown. _____ which I thought rendered it unnecessary for me to go to ascertain the feelings of the people on that subject. I found ____ on the ____ they call it) the people are generally in favor of Ohio. Some of the Michigan people have worked ____ almost to ___ on this subject. You no ____ before this time ____ recall the orders of the Great ____ to the Militia of the Territory. There seems to me no reasonable ____ but this will bring force to repel to prevent ____ into running the line as contemplated by ____ Governor. In fact the subject seems to ____ neither a ____ aspect at this time. - Although I am satisfied if Ohio even intends to Extend her Jurisdiction over that part of her Constitutional boundaries. Now is the time it is only to be regreted when we have ____ we will not keep it. Hence be understood that Wood County extend her Jurisdiction over that Territory. Some 16 or 18 years ago bu was forced to give it up. A ____ presents its self to me which is how are we to keep to support the