Letter from Samuel Andrews to Major General John Bell, February 25, 1835



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Sir, You will receive at the same time with this letter a Genl order relative to the
organization of the part of you Division which extends within that part the state line of
Ohio now claimed by Michigan together with the special message of the Commander in
Chief with all the proceedings ofthe Legislature relative to this contested question. You
will of course proceed immediately to organize that part of your Division. The
commissionary appointed to run the state line, agreeably to the provisions ofthe act will meet in Perrsyburgh (Perrysburg) on the 1st of of April. The Commander in Chief will meet them there at that time together with myself and perhaps some of his staff. Your attendance at the same time is requested together with that of your staff and likewise the Brigadeer General .. the 2"° Brigade, with his staff and the Colonel, & commandants of Regiment, in this .. as far as possible. It is desirable that the attendance of these be as full as possible on this occasion (but that they attend in the east and character of citizens, rather than in the military character but at the same time prepared to assert the rights of the state and aid & protect the commisionary in the discharge of the duty it any aid or protection should be requisite It will be desirable that you obtain any information in your favor as to the position which the territory of Michigan assumes or nearer to assume in this dispute within the contested limits and be   with such information, but let this information be positive and certain, not exaggerated, but such in short as may be relied on. I   forward at the same with the 30 copies of the above special message and the proceedings of this Legislature to be distributed by you among the General and his officers of the 2"° Brigade and the Captain of  and other men as you may upon