Letter from Samuel Andrews to Major General John Bell, March 18, 1835



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March 18, 1835
To Major General John Bell


Yours of March 13th is rec and had been laid before the Commander in Chief. He is
perfectly satisfied with the concillatory manner in which you have proceeded in the
exchange of your duties thus far. It is his wish to avoid entirely the hasty and ___  by ___ Michigan, but at the same time to force in the most .. & It will be necessary that the company restrict militia to disputed limit be set off and ascertain and the officers
elected if possible by the 15* Monday of April. The civil jurisdiction if is or if not thus it
will be so and the civil officers elected by that time, as for the ___ of the Commission it is
impossible to say as what point these will be sommenced. It may be to that the   well
at the other end of   that is at some point about the southern ___ of Lake Michigan in
the State of  this is a point as yet unsettled. Should they persue this