Letter from Samuel Andrews to Captain Samuel R. Curtis, March 23, 1835



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To Capt. Sam’I R. Curtis.

Sir, Your compensation of the the 20th Inst. To the Commander in Chief was only recev’d and he fully appreciated the honorable notice by which you are influenced in offering the services of the company under your command to assist in the establishment of the between the states and the territory of Michigan.
He has been accordingly directed us to return your thanks and at the same time to state that he does not at this time anticipate an open ___ with the territory of Michigan nor which a resort to war will be necessary, It is his opinion not withstanding the hostile attitude as ___ by the acting Governor of this Territory that the Civil authority will be sufficient to sustain claim of Ohio within the disputed ground and it is against his wishes to proceed with an armed forced. Should a resort to force however be found necessary he sends me to state to you, that your very ready & honorable offer of assistance will be most cheerfully complied with.

I am very respectfully Samuel Andrews.