Letter from Major Amos Spafford to Govenor Return Jonathan Meigs, January 23, 1812



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Miami Rapids Jay. 23 1812


it appears to be the General Wish of the
people in this Settlement (which consists
of about fifty families) to have the
Laws of the State of Ohio Extended
as we Consider our selves Clearly within the                                                   limits of said State the few
that Object are those who hold offices
under the Governor of Mitchegan [sic] & are
Determined to Enforce their Laws = this
is Considered by a Great majority of
the Inhabitants a usurpation of power
which they are under no obligation to
adhear [sic] to — if no alteration Should take
place I fear the Contention will ere
long become Serious. Sir you'll have
the goodness to Inform the people
here wheather [sic] there has been any