Letter from Colonel John Sloane to General Reasin Beale, August 25, 1812



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Transcription of a letter from John Sloane to General Reasin Beale

Canton 25th of August 1812

Dear Genl

Yours of the 24th is this moment come to hand. Alas all is lost Detroit has fallen
O vilancy O treachery. Almight British gold gains all victory 2500 Americans well
supplied in every thing with a strong fortress well fortified surrenders to 500 British and 300 indians and Detroit River between. O my country.. "Publish it not in Gath nor in Askelon" Genl Brock arrived with 400 men from Erie on the 14th- 15th threw up a small redout opposite Detroit and on the 16th at Breakfast time the capitulation was signed and on the 17th he sailed for Erie again in triumph O my God and all this without having a man on our shores 2 eighteen pounders took possession of our army. Major Reynolds is here two regiments of our troops landed at Cleveland and are making their way