History of Woman Suffrage in the Maumee Valley to 1870



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History of Woman Suffrage in the Maumee Valley


         Mrs. Rosa L. Segur

 History of Woman Suffrage In The Maumee Valley To 1870

Toledo Woman Suffrage Association

 The 19th century had passed its meridian and two decades before any public agitation had taken place in the Maumee Valley relative to the equal rights of woman legally, politically, industrially or for higher education. Its legislators ever superior in sense of justice to, the inequalities of the old common law, had, without public protest or petitions, amended it somewhat in its gigantic injustice to the wife as early as 1861, when she was given control of her own earnings, outside of the home, when forced by cruel necessity to become the bread earner, and of her own property which came by inheritance.

 The first woman's rights convention at Seneca Falls, N.Y. in July 1848 with its proceedings and resolutions had passed into history with its merciless ridicule by the great army of conservative people, yet the principles then enunciated stood as living truths.  The resolution of that convention demanding