Letter from General William Henry Harrison to Brigadier General John Armstrong, Secretary of War, February 24, 1813



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Transcription of a letter from General William Henry Harrison to John Armstrong, Secretary of War

Head Quarters (Camp Meigs)
Miami Rapids 24m Feby 1813


l had not the honor to receive the letter of Col°. Monroe of the 2lst Ult". untill this
Evening.I am still occupied in Fortifying the camp at this place, a few days will place
it in a situation with Twelve or Fifteen hundred men to bid defiance to all the forces in Upper Canada. The distruction of the enemys naval force in Lake Erie has never ceased to occupy my attention and after having examined in my mind every project which occured to myself or those whom I consulted. There appears to me to be no other practicable but that of crossing over Lake Erie from the mouth of the Sandusky Bay along the chain of Islands which extend at small entervals from that bay to within eighteen miles of Malden. The intention is to put from one hundred & fifty to two hundred men in slides to pass to the Northernmost island in one night and on the