Letter from General William Henry Harrison to Brigadier General John Armstrong, Secretary of War, February 24, 1813



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succeeding one to reach the vessells some hours before day. The Detachment is selected and combustible matter preparing. The command will set out from hence the day after tomorrow for Lower Sandusky. Last year sleds frequently passed over the Lake in this direction. l have procured a pilot who is or who says he is well acquainted with the Islands. A respectable man whom I some time since selected for the purpose & who resided many years on one ofthe Islands unfortunately died ten days ago and it is only within a few days that l have been able to find another. I have no Field officer who possesses all the qualities which I could wish for such an enterprize a very young man Capt. Langharn of the l7th Reg. will have the command ofit. The season is a little too far advanced, but I have strong hopes that it may succeed. ln my last l informed you that the British had commenced building an other vessel ofwar of larger size that the Queen Char