Statement of Henry Harvey concerning treaty with the Shawnees in 1831, January 17, 1850



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Statement of Henry Harvey, a citizen of the State of Ohio, in
Relation to Treaty with the Ohio Shawnees, in 1831.I attended the treaty
held at Wapaughkonnetta in the County of Allen in the State of Ohio on
the 8"‘ day of the 8‘“ mo (August) in the year 1831 by and between
James B. Gardner especially appointed Commissioner on the part of the
United States, and John Mc Elwain [?] Agent for the Wiandots, Senecas
and Shawnees residing in the state of Ohio, on the one part and the Chiefs
head men and warrier of Shawnee Nation of Indians, then residing
within the Territorial of Allen County State of Ohio, as well as at the
Council held a few weeks previous to that time by the sd Commissioner &
Agent, and the sd ^Chiefs Warriers, and head men of the Shawnees Nation aforesaid. I may here remark, that being placed in the situation I was in thus
as the Agent for the Religious Society of Friends (by the permission of the
War Department) to see to the education of those Indians A gncourage
them in improving their condition in life, by improving their lands
&c [_] and to see as far as became me to do, into their rights and interests [?]
I felt at liberty to attend closely to the transactions relating to the Treaty
preliminary arrangements ^to be entered at the very onset as at the final con —_summatlon of the Treaty and so of which I informed the Commissioner,
who was satished and very c[ur?]tiousIy had me seated in near him throughout the whole ^time[?] council, I recollect very well the offers he made to them which I took down in writing as delivered through the Interpreter (but which is not now in my possession. but as relates to the land which was to be
given the Shawnees in exchange for their lands in Ohio the Commissioner
told them in the very plainest possible manner (after that "the U. S. Gov-
_ment did not want to cheat the Shawnees. that in lieu of the lands
they held at Wapaughkonnetta and Hog Creek, the President and Secre-
_tary of War had directed authorized him to declare to them that the
Government would give them 100,000 acres of land in the Missouri Coun-
_try. this he said informed them should be located adjoining the lands owned
more fully by their brethren in Missouri. then to more fully to let them ^more
fully understand this matter about the lands now offered them, that the
Commissioner laid on the table before them and in my presence the a map plat of the Country including "the Qty tract equal to fifty miles square which he
told these Shawnees as plain as he could speak belonged to their Brethren
of Missouri. Now said JamesB the Commissioner to them you now see where
that land lies, and if you now sell you shall have your 100,000 joining
[that?] on which ever side you want it and said sell now and you can yet
but if you dont sell now, you may lose the land joining your Brethren as
other Indians will take it and then you