Statement of Henry Harvey concerning treaty with the Shawnees in 1831, January 17, 1850



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will have to have your land laid off in some other place. but if you now
will sell as I have proposed their shall be a Surveyor sent at the
expense of the U. S. who will run off and mark round the 100,000 acres
I now offer you &c, this the account of his remarks about their lands at
that time.Then in about on the 7th of 8th m° 1831 the Commissioner
returned after learning that the Shawnees had concluded to take up with
the offer he made them at their Council, and I again attended and heard
him on that day repeat the very same offer regarding their ^the land
100,000 acres of land its n offered them before, as well as the other
subjects connected with the proposed purchase of their Ohio lands. and
on the 8"“ he informed them that the treaty was put in writing and it
was then late in the day and he wanted to go to the Senecas that evening,
and the writing was long, and contained the exact offers in every respect
as he had explained it them before and he need not read them but said the 15*
article provided for the sale of their land in Ohio &c the 2°' provided
for securing to them ;m100,000 acres of land adjoining their Brethren
in the Missouri Country &c and so to recite the contents of each article
throughout I think, I believe the whole of them. but did not say nor
intimate one word to them like deeding them 100,000 acres within the
tract which he so plainly showed them belonged to the Shaw-
_nees of Missouri, which had he done the whole treaty would have I
have not the least doubt been broken up at once. I never heard one word
from beginning to end of the Councils & treaty about secret giving them land
within the fifty miles square until I came to Washing-
_ton about the end of the year 1831. I well remember that the Commissioner
told me on the day after the Treaty that Wa Walker of the Wiandots (W"` Walker
I believe) wrote the treaty which I had no doubt of as it did
not appear to me to be in the Commissioners hand writi _

Henry Harvey
District of Columbia}
Washington County} This day personally came before me the undersigned
a Justice of the peace in & for sd county,the aforesaid Henry Harvey,
who being duly affirmed says that the foregoing is true to the best of
his knowledge & belief.
17TH January 1850 Subscribed and affirmed before me. D. H. Morsell J.P.