Letter from Birdseye W. Rouse to Benson J. Lossing, April 3, 1857



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Toledo Ohio 3d Apl. 57 [1857]

Benson J. Lossing Esq

Dear Sir
In answer to your Enquiries for I Subjects of historical interest
Contained in the Apl N° of the Harper_ I would call your attention
to the Maumee River which empties into Lake Erie at this place
(the Miami of the Lakes) _ Ten miles above this on the left bank
of the river is the site & remains of old "Fort Miamis" held by
a British garrison under Col Campbell in 1794 at the time of the
great battle fought by Genl Wayne with the Indians in 1794 _
Wayne crossed the River at the rapids two miles above the Fort,
attacked the Indians who were concealed & in some measure protected,
by a large field of trees blown down _ drove them out at the point
of the bayonet & pursued them down the River_ The Indians began to
assemble around the Fort. looking to it for protection as they had
been Secretly instigated by the British _ Seeing this, tradition
says, that Wayne came [thundering?] down the Bank of the river.
With his troops & accompanied by two aids rode up to the Fort &
called for its Commander, Col C. made his appearance. When
Wayne announced to him . that if he admitted one
Indian into the Fort or afforded them protection in a[ny’?]