Letter from Birdseye W. Rouse to Benson J. Lossing, April 3, 1857



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way he would instantly storm the Fort & put every
man to death in it _ The Col. Threatened to fire on him _
Wayne opened his coat & told him "to fire & be d--—d. it wd
be the last shot heard ever order fired" _ The British Com' thot
better of it, & neither fired on Wayne nor protected the Indians
& they were so completely cut up that they never recovered
from the blow _ The mounds of the fort are still perfect. The
covered way descending to the river can be traced, & the whole
locality is full of interest _ Two miles further up on the
right bank ofthe River is old Fort Meigs. to which I
suppose I need only call your attention. as every thing
respecting the Fort. its defense by Gen' Harrison &c were
so fully brot before the public in 1840, when Gen' H. was
Elected _ The mounds, outlines of the fort are still distinct.
the graves of several officers killed, marked by tombstones
still standing _ On the other side of the River the gallant
Davis & 800 Kentuckians were led into an ambush &
cut to pieces _ 60 miles above is old "fort Defiance"
at the junction ofthe "Auglaize & Miami" _
On the Shores of Lake Erie at Monroe Michigan 20
miles north of this . is the battle ground of the River Raisin
Where Winchester was taken prisoner in the last war _
The localities will all be pointed out by the inhabitants
some of whom were living there at the time _ The house is
still occupied where W. & his officers were “assisting" at a