Letter from Anthony Wayne to Colonel Meigs, November 25, 1795



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Head Quarters

GreeneVille 25th Nov' 1795

You are to proceed to Fort Hamilton in order to select
& bring forward the clothing immediately wanted for the
troops _ From present appearances, I am of Opinion that
it will be necessary to brake up the Hhds & box’s so as
to transport the greater part on horse back say two Hundred
weight to each horse; however you will be the best judge
when you examine & compare the packages &c. with the invoice
Shou'd it so happen that arise of water takes place before
you have broken up any of the Hhds you will apply to the Q
Masters at Fort Hamilton for boats to transport them to the
Mouth of this Creek which he is hereby directed to permit
In case you brake up the HMS [word crossed out]&c. you will
have the packs made up as they were about this time last
year _ the pay masters are acquainted with the mode of doing
it _ & they must take charge & be accountable