Speech of Delaware Chiefs to General Washington, May 10, 1779



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The Deleware Nation by their Chief Men
chosen for that purpose beg leave to represent
to the United States of America in Congress
Assembled & to His Excellency General
Washington as follows _ .

1s‘ That `at their several treaties with the
Commissioners of Congress & with the agent
forthe United States, held at Pittsburg in
the years 1775 — 1776 - & 1777, the said nation
were solicited & they agree to renew and
Strengthen their Friendship with the Inhabitan=
=ts of the said States under their present
Revolution & Government _ This Friendship the
Said Nation have preserved inviolate; observing
a Strict Neutrality between the United States
& Brittain, agreable to the repeated recomm=
=endations of Congress by their Commissioners &
agent as aforesaid; not withstanding the
unprovoked injuries they have repeatedly
received, which they have been willing to Att
=ribute to ill designing ignorant men, & not
to any evil intentions of the United States;
or any of them, or their officers _

2° That when Congress and the Deleware
Nation renewed their Friendship, as above