Speech of Delaware Chiefs to General Washington, May 10, 1779



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= mentioned, the former promised & engaged to
Supply the latter, in exchange for their Pelt=
=ries with Cloathing & other goods, which from
Custom have become absolutely necessary
for the Subsistance of their women and
Children _ This Engagement has been renew
=ed on the part of Congress at four different
public Treaties successively Without ever
having been complied with in any degree;
Whereby the said Deleware Nation have
become poor and naked & are now reduced
to Such extremity as to induce them to send
the undernamed Chiefs and Counsellors of
their Nation to represent in person their
situation to Congress & to His Excellency

General Washington that they may receive
a Certainty wither or not their necessities
can be relieved & their several requests
Complied with, or whether they must look
to the English alone for the Supplies of all
their Wants _

3d That the Deleware Nation have ever
(during the present war between Brittain
& the United States,#that the said Nation
should observe the Strictest Neutrality;
which Neutrality they are determined to
maintain so long as in Their power, agreable