Gallery Exhibits

Art of the Toledo Gem and Rock Hound Club

July 1 - 31 | Sanger

This resident art club of the Toledo Gem and Rock Hound Club offers numerous opportunities to explore and participate in gem, mineral and fossil collecting, metal crafting, beading and jewelry making.

Photography of Dennis Herbster

Jul 1 - 31 | Sanger

Dennis Herbster has had a lifelong interest in photography and more recently, has explored digital photography. Herbster favors the natural light of the outdoors and enjoys birds, still life, animals, insects, flowers and architecture as subjects.


July 1 - Aug. 14 | Maumee

Sharon Young enjoys exploring a variety of themes in her artwork and says that her whimsical images and painted sticks are most popular. Several years ago, she started Art a la Carte, a nonprofit in the arts, for people with disabilities which offers workshops on a variety of artistic media as well as theater.

Linda Sattler is an artist, educator, traveler and student. She creates a variety of media both in 2D and 3D. She spent much of her career teaching art, and today hosts exhibits of her work, volunteers, offers workshops and serves as an advocate for the arts.

Art of the Needle Arts Guild of Toledo

Aug. 1 - 31 | Sanger

The Needle Arts Guild of Toledo will present pieces hand stitched by members, depicting a variety of techniques including canvas, crewel, cross stitch, black work, Ukrainian white work, silk and metal, beading and more. Photo from the Needle Arts Guild of Toledo Facebook page.

Photography of James (dirtykics) Dickerson

Aug. 1 - 31 | Sanger

View photographs taken in various U.S. cities with vintage Rolleiflex cameras by self-taught photographer James (dirtykics) Dickerson. Film and prints developed by hand in house.

Photography of Katie Midgley

Aug. 1 - 31 | Sanger

View photographs taken in various U.S. cities with vintage Rolleiflex cameras by self-taught photographer Katie Midgley. Film and prints developed by hand in house.

Topix Camera Club Group Show

Aug. 15 - Sept. 30 | Maumee

The purpose of Topix Camera Club is to promote the photography of the amateur and advanced photographer and provide the opportunity to improve through a variety of avenues.

Jewelry by Pam Lemons

Sept. 1 – 30 | Sanger

Pam Lemons began her career in chainmaille jewelry after she came upon and made a simple chainmaille bracelet from a beading magazine. She was captivated by the technique of linking small jump rings into pendants, bracelets and earrings. Lemons’ chainmaille and fused silver jewelry is made with primarily Argentium® silver and may also include gold fill, rose gold fill, and pure copper. She designs her own weaves and patterns into contemporary and classic jewelry designs that jewelry can be worn for years to come. Image from Lemons’ Mostly Maille.

Halloween Postcards Collected by Frank Merritt

Oct. 1 – 31 | Sanger

Frank Merritt is an avid collector of Halloween Postcards, all over 100 years old. This display of art associated with Halloween, reminds us of how it was appreciated in small town rural Ohio.

Bittersweet Farms Art Showcase

Oct. 1 – Nov. 14 | Maumee

Bittersweet Creative Arts is a division of Bittersweet Inc. that currently serves over 100 adults and adolescents who experience life on the Autism Spectrum. Bittersweet Creative Arts provides art education, art as vocation, art as therapy and art enrichment at our locations in Whitehouse, Lima and Pemberville, Ohio.

All of Bittersweet's displayed art is created by artists who experience Autism that have been inspired by the sunflowers planted annually in front of its art studio in Whitehouse.

The Photography of Bill Horvath

Oct. 1 – 31 | Sanger

As a retired oncologist, Bill Horvath has melded his passion for work with photography. Many patients enjoy and take comfort in that work as they embark on their cancer journey. His present interest focuses on highly-manipulated and abstracted photos.

Silent Witness Project Exhibit

Oct. 7 – Nov. 8 | Main Library

The Silent Witness Project shares the stories of girls and women murdered by their intimate partners and brings an increased awareness about the deadly consequences of domestic violence. The Northwest Ohio chapter of the Silent Witness Project memorializes more than 50 such victims--all from our local community and is housed and maintained by Bethany House. Image from Bethany House Toledo.

Jewelry by Jaci Riley

Nov. 1 – 30 | Sanger

Jaci Riley is passionate about creating jewelry that is subtle and modern, but still makes a statement and draws a smile. She finds inspiration through nature and life in the Midwest. Much of her focus is on metal etching and metalsmithing. Riley has been making jewelry for over 10 years in her studio just outside of Toledo, Ohio. Image from Jaci Riley Jewelry.

The Art of Anne Abate

Nov. 1 – 30 | Sanger

Anne Abate says that she paints to escape and engage, but mostly so that her head doesn't explode. During her career in journalism, with its crises, inhumanities and yes, politics, she turned to oil painting to find a quiet, happier place, far from capsizing ferries and wars. Once retired, Abate set out on an exploration of different media and began creating more abstract work. Image from Paintings by Anne.

The Art of Amy Renee: Abstract Painting/Mixed Media

Nov. 15 – Dec. 31 | Maumee

Amy Renee has been painting since she received her first easel and paint set at age 6. She did not seriously experiment with abstract images until high school, where she was given a class project to paint something, so long as it was not abstract. Renee struggled with this assignment – and one evening in frustration - she threw her unfinished painting onto the basement floor, grabbed her stepfather's carpenter brush, and started flinging paint onto the canvas. The freedom she felt as the paint flew was unlike anything she had experienced. She brought her finished abstract piece into the classroom the next day, very excited about her creation, even though it did not fit the guidelines of the assignment (she received a D) – and has been creating abstract images ever since.

The Art of Steven Athanas

Dec. 1 – 31 | Sanger

Steven Athanas has been making music and art professionally for over five decades now. He has self-published several books of his drawings and "pomes," as well as released three CDs and a couple of cassettes of original songs. He earned a bachelor of arts degree in art education in 2000, taught a few years, and when the jobs dried up, focused on his visual art. He performed in several well-known local bands from the '70s until his "retirement" in 2015. Athanas’ work is a conglomerate of 2D and 3D, utilizing refurbished, found and unique items in his work, as well as his drawings, paintings and writings. His work has shown in New York City, Baltimore, Northwest Ohio, Michigan, Chicago and West Palm Beach. Image from the Hudson Gallery.