Gallery Exhibits

Ceramic Art by Marti Osnowitz

May 1 – 31 | Sanger

Drawing, carving, silk-screening and stamping are techniques Marti Osnowitz uses. She applies her love of color and pattern by using layers of underglazes, stains and glazes to enhance the clay surface.

The Art of Mike Hill

May 1 – 31 | Sanger

Mike P. Hill is a member of the Toledo Artists Club and is a self-taught artist using watercolors and graphite. He focuses on texture, detail, color and lighting to emphasize what is often overlooked. To inspire his work, Hill looks closely at the world around him, challenging himself to express visually what he sees and feels.

Intangible Worlds by Vineta Cook

May 15 – June 29 | Maumee

Experience an abstract photography exhibit from Vineta Cook, inspired by her faith. Of her work, Cook says her goal is to uplift viewers and give the feeling of love that comes from God. In 2006, she began working on a collection of abstract photography, exploring the newly created "mini worlds" from ordinary things. Each series is based on a separate, unique world, usually in an image series of four. Artwork from

Fine Art by Terry Dennis

June 1 - 30 | Sanger

After working in the graphic arts field for more than 35 years, Dennis moved into working within fine arts - primarily using oils, but also charcoal, graphite and terracotta pencils.

The Ancient Art of Paper Marbling by Mary Mascazine

June 1 - 30 | Sanger

Mary Mascazine began the study of paper marbling 18 years ago. Marbling, considered a critically endangered art form by the Heritage Craft Association, consists of floating acrylic paint on the surface of carrageenan which is made from seaweed, ensuring no two marbling patterns are ever the same. Her jewelry was chosen for an exhibit by Prizm Creative Community to be displayed in Bowling Green and was recently selected to be in the 2019 Ohio Travel Guide for art in Northwest Ohio.

Art of the Toledo Gem and Rock Hound Club

July 1 - 31 | Sanger

This resident art club of the Toledo Gem and Rock Hound Club offers numerous opportunities to explore and participate in gem, mineral and fossil collecting, metal crafting, beading and jewelry making.

Photography of Dennis Herbster

Jul 1 - 31 | Sanger

Dennis Herbster has had a lifelong interest in photography and more recently, has explored digital photography. Herbster favors the natural light of the outdoors and enjoys birds, still life, animals, insects, flowers and architecture as subjects.


July 1 - Aug. 14 | Maumee

View a mixed media exhibit featuring sister artists Sharon Young and Linda Sattler.

Art of the Needle Arts Guild of Toledo

Aug. 1 - 31 | Sanger

The Needle Arts Guild of Toledo will present pieces hand stitched by members, depicting a variety of techniques including canvas, crewel, cross stitch, black work, Ukrainian white work, silk and metal, beading and more. Photo from the Needle Arts Guild of Toledo Facebook page.

Photography of James (dirtykics) Dickerson

Aug. 1 - 31 | Sanger

View photographs taken in various U.S. cities with vintage Rolleiflex cameras by self-taught photographer James (dirtykics) Dickerson. Film and prints developed by hand in house.

Photography of Katie Midgley

Aug. 1 - 31 | Sanger

View photographs taken in various U.S. cities with vintage Rolleiflex cameras by self-taught photographer Katie Midgley. Film and prints developed by hand in house.

Topix Camera Club Group Show

Aug. 15 - Sept. 30 | Maumee

The purpose of Topix Camera Club is to promote the photography of the amateur and advanced photographer and provide the opportunity to improve through a variety of avenues.

Student/School Exhibits

Old Orchard Elementary

March 13 – 31 | Sanger

Grove Patterson Academy

April 1 – 30 | Sanger

Ottawa Hills High School

May 1 – 31 | Sanger