Explore the organizations that help keep the Library great: Friends of the Library, the Library Legacy Foundation, Literati, and Volunteers.

Friends of the Library

Friends of the Library is a nonprofit organization that encourages, promotes and supports the ongoing development and use of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library. Support can be made by purchases on our online store. Friends of the Library offer support for:

  • Brown Bag Concerts
  •  Authors! Authors!

  •  Summer Reading Club Programs

  •  Local Branch Activities

  •  Levy Campaigns

Membership and Book Sales

Library Legacy Foundation

If you love your Library, if you value the resources and services that your public library provides, if you want to help your Library serve more than 441,000 Lucas County residents – please consider a donation to the Library Legacy Foundation. The Foundation raises funds to purchase books and other materials, to support programs for children, families and adults, and to establish an endowment fund for the future. Some examples of programs with Foundation support are Ready to Read early literacy, Summer Reading Clubs; Authors! Authors!; the Brown Bag Concert series; and Homework Help Centers. The Foundation is a tax-deductible, 501(c)(3) organization, so your support qualifies as a charitable gift.

Support the Library


The Library Literati is now part of the Library Legacy Foundation. The Literati is comprised of focused supporters and donors who are dedicated to promoting the Library and engaging young professionals and families to use and enjoy the Library and its many valuable programs.  

Your gift designated for the Literati will be used to support and expand adult and family Library programming, enhance existing services, and advance the Library’s long-range goals, objectives, and priorities.

What We Do



Are you an adult looking to volunteer? Contact your local Library Branch Location or Nicole Naylor at 419.259.5293.


As a Volunteen you will have the opportunity to gain work experience while becoming familiar with many Library career opportunities.  If you have questions about what Library workers do, please ask.  We want your volunteer experience to be satisfying to you. Teen volunteers contact your nearest Library Location.