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After the usual holiday gorge-fest, most of us are ready to get back to healthier (or at least healthy-ish) eating habits. This blog post includes some really great cookbooks for lazy and/or impatient cooks. There's also a lot of tasty recipes to explore for people who hate to cook, but love to eat good food.

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Fans of dystopian fiction and the classic novel 1984 by George Orwell will appreciate the books in this blog post. There are classics from well-known authors like Margaret Atwood, Ray Bradbury and Octavia Butler along with recent selections by Pierce Brown, Chang-rae Lee, Chuck Palahniuk and many more.

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With NASA firmly setting sights on trips to Mars, what better time to look up and learn more about the universe around us? Fortunately, we have some fantastic books and DVDs to get us going.

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