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Morgan R.

I Sylvania

How many times is it socially acceptable to go to the public library in one week? This is a question I ask myself almost daily as I look at my fourteen library books currently checked out and stacked precariously on my desk, and hungrily want to go get more. Simply put, I love books, and I love libraries even more. They are structures dedicated to reading, acquiring knowledge and skills, and storing information for generations to come. What’s not to love? So, perhaps it’s acceptable if I go to the library just one more time this week. When I was in the hospital several months ago, someone asked me what I wanted to do first when I got out. My answer was immediate: go to the library. There is something magical about walking through those shelves, feeling overwhelmed with the words and stories surrounding me. It brings me an incredibly amount of joy. And it's even better when I wear one of my literature-themed shirts like the one that says, "When in doubt, go to the library." I couldn't agree more with the sentiment.

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Do you have fond memories of a librarian or location within our system? If the Library holds a special place in your heart, we’d love to hear about it – Long or short, no “Library Love” story is too small!

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