Library Love

Flashlight Frenzy Regina Butler

Regina B.

I Waterville

I love reading. Love the events. So many interactive events that include Metroparks Toledo. My children are grown but they still love reading and walking at the parks. Especially with our doggie - Whenever I read, she thinks she has to "read" to. My dog, Harley, will sit next to me or even on my chest. She would love to stay in the Metroparks with me and my family. We also did the 30 minute audiobook challenge last month but I forgot to enter my times. That's where you listened to an audiobook while walking in a Metropark. The Library has many helpful employees - They are patient and listen to exactly what you have to say so that they can send you in the right direction. I also love that there are many different locations. I don't always go to the same location. They are all beautiful and I can't wait until the Main Library renovation is complete!!!

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