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Early literacy is everything children know about reading and writing before they can actually read and write.  Whether your child is four days old or four years old, it is not too early or too late to help him or her develop important literacy and pre-reading skills.

Toledo-Lucas County Public Library (TLCPL) offers a variety of storytimes that support early literacy.  Baby, Toddler, and Family storytimes are led by children's librarians who are trained in early literacy and implement activities to help your child learn.

5 early literacy practices provide fun learning experiences for children of different ages and interests. They are: Talking, Singing, Reading, Writing, & Playing.

You, along with TLCPL, can make your home a great place to learn and help your child get ready to read. It does not take money to create special spaces where you and your child can talk, sing, read, write, and play.

Importance of Reading

Why You Should Read to Your Child

  • Reading is the major foundation/skill for all learning. If you can read, you can learn anything!
  • It allows parent and child to spend time together and share in an activity that can be done almost anytime and anyplace.
  • Your child will learn to follow a story from beginning to middle to end.
  • Your child will learn to recognize that words are made up of letters and that words have meaning.
  • She will also learn that reading is from left to right, top to bottom of the page, and front to back of the book.
  • Language development will take place – your child will learn new words.
  • He will build listening skills.
  • Your child will have a greater appreciation for art and illustration.
  • The horizons of your child will expand as he reads about different situations, families, and activities.

Reach Out and Read  
Developmental milestones of Early Literacy.


The preschool years are full of changes – physical, emotional, and social. Reading to your preschool child should be an important part of every day. Sharing time helps develop six important skills that all children need to become readers:

  • Print motivation – children want to look at and handle books.
  • Print awareness – children connect the printed words with stories and books.
  • Vocabulary – children learn the names of objects and what words mean.
  • Narrative skills – children learn to talk in sentences and to tell their own “stories” in chronological order.
  • Letter recognition – children learn that each letter has a name and are connected together to make different words.
  • Phonological awareness – children learn that letters have different sounds and learn to distinguish the sounds to make up words.

Storyline Online  
Streaming video of popular children’s books read aloud by the Screen Actors Guild members.

Suggestions for books can be found by clicking here