College View 
Numerous preference options to narrow your search, links to college websites and social media info, often virtual tours and more.

College Navigator 
From the Department of Education – features side-by-side comparisons, links to college sites plus campus security information.

Ohio Learns 
Want to study online? Choices available from Ohio colleges and universities, plus helpful tips on successful distance learning.

Ohio Transfer to Degree Guarantee 
Making transfer of credit easy, between colleges, for outside experiences, and for coursework completed - see how much you might be able to claim before you go.  

Peterson’s Guides
College searching, but also tests, financial aid and lots of advice along the way.


FAFSA on the Web
Get your PIN, fill in the form, find school codes - all you need to start your financial aid search.

Tap into the largest database of scholarships around - you may strike gold!

Financial Aid Information Page
Come here for ideas and advice about making your financial aid search successful.  Don’t miss the links here!
Scholarship browsing by subject, category or school. 

Federal Student Aid Portal
Advice about financial aid and going to college, plus information about paying off student loans.

Ohio Means Success: Low Cost Pathways
Community Colleges can be a low cost solution for expensive college costs.  Find partnerships with four-year institutions that make transferring credit easy and programs designed to help you choose what’s best for you.


ACT Test
Registration and information about the test along with sample questions as well as college advice.

College Board (SAT/PSAT tests)  
Register for the SAT and other tests, find practice questions and tests, and  search for colleges and financial aid.

GED Testing 
Information on GED testing in Ohio.

Learning Express Library 

All the test practice books checked out? Find practice questions and review subjects here instead. Online practice for ACT, SAT and GED tests as well as additional educational and professional exams. This database is provided by OPLIN, the Ohio Public Library Information Network.


Cooking 101: Tips and Recipes for College Students
From Delish a slideshow with tips to make it easy and some healthy recipes to try. 

Peterson’s College Survival Skills
Peterson’s offers a series of articles on all sorts of survival skills for newly on their own college students.

College View Campus Life
Articles on getting the most from the campus experience and avoiding the pitfalls.

1st Year of College- from College
Articles on a host of freshman issues  - start from the main page or use the drop down menu to search specific topics.