Lending Policies

Loan Periods:

All DVDs – 7 days, limit 20

All VHSs – 7 days, no limit

Pocket Video - 7 days, limit 2

Launch Pads – 7 days, limit 1

Search Ohio/Ohio Link Loan: period varies, limit 25

eMedia - Loan periods and limits vary

All other materials – 21 days, no limit

If no holds, 10 renewals permitted per TLCPL item.

Overdue fines:

Adult Card

Books, Audio and VHS: 20 cents per day

DVD and Pocket Video: 50 cents per day

Replacement Library Card: $1


Books, Audio and VHS: 10 cents per day

DVD and Pocket Video: 25 cents per day

Replacement Library Card: 50 cents

Military, Senior Card and Ability Card holders--no overdue fines.

Kids Card holders--limit 3 book check out--no overdue fines.

Lost material:

The Library charges replacement price plus a $5.00 processing fee for  lost materials. Replacement cost (less $5 for processing) will be refunded within 30 days. To obtain refund, receipt must accompany item.

Additional Service Fees

Obituary: No fee, limit 3 per request

Collection Agency Fee: $10

AV Case Damage: $5

Power Cord Replacement: $15

Excessive fines or overdue materials may result in loss of library privileges.

Copy, Printing, Faxing and Scanning Fees


  • Black and white - $.15 per copy with Library card
  • Color - $.50 per copy with Library card

Faxing, Self-Serve

  • No Charge

Faxing of library materials by staff

  • $.30 per page if faxing to a location in Lucas County
  • $1.50 fee plus $.30 per page to locations outside Lucas County


  • No cost for scanning, printing fees listed above.

Materials from other libraries:

Search Ohio

Loan Periods:

All DVDs and VHS - 7 days

All books and other media not listed above - 21 days

3 renewals per item

Overdue Fines:

All materials: 50 cents per day

Lost or damaged items: $25


Loan Periods:

Books - 21 days

All media - 7 days

4 renewals for books, no renewals for media

Overdue Fines:

All materials: 50 cents per day

Lost or damaged materials: $15 fine + $25 billing fee + $75 replacement cost = $125

Lending Policies

Your library card is the key to unlocking the endless possibilities of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library’s collection. Simple to get, even easier to use and priced so everyone can afford it, your library card is Lending You the World.

All Ohio residents may apply for a free Toledo Lucas County Public Library card at any local branch. Residents of other states who pay Ohio property or payroll taxes also qualify for a free Library card. Proof of tax payment required.

In addition, the Toledo Lucas County Public Library offers any organization (schools, businesses, churches, non-profit organizations) in the state of Ohio the opportunity to obtain an organization card.  

While a Library Card is available to all who request it, library use is a privilege, one that comes with responsibilities. When you register for a card, you agree to be responsible for all materials borrowed and any overdue fines and any loss or damage of Library materials.

Your Library Card belongs to the Toledo Lucas County Public Library system and may not be used by other persons. You should have it with you to borrow materials from the Library or to use the Internet. Customers under the age of 17 need the signature of a parent or guardian who must show a valid ID with current address to receive a library card. Both child and parent/guardian must be present. Kids Card does not require a parent's signature. Please call 419.259.5200 for more information.

If you lose your card, notify Library staff immediately, so others do not abuse your privileges. If not reported, you are responsible for a maximum of $50 toward the cost of the items checked out on your card after it is lost or stolen if a police report is furnished within 30 days of loss. Notify the Library promptly of a change of name, address, or phone number.