Materials Selection Policy

The Board of Trustees of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library acknowledges the Library's responsibility, as the major public library resource of northwestern Ohio, to provide materials which will meet the many and varied information needs of the potential public it is to serve.

The Library collection shall include representative materials of all races and nationalities, and all political, religious, economic and social views. In acquiring such materials, the Library shall apply selection criteria including authenticity, timeliness, readability, creativity, utility, format and price.

The Board declares that materials selected shall be chosen on the basis of professional evaluation of the needs of its potential public. Recognizing the wide differences in tastes and sensibilities among individuals, the Library's staff will make every effort to assist patrons in choosing reading materials from the collection. Special effort will be made to assist children and their parents in choosing appropriate materials for children.

The Board believes that the determination of what material an individual chooses to use is a private matter, and no individual has the right to restrict the freedom of another to use material of his choice. The Board encourages the public to discuss with and recommend to the staff materials for acquisition.

The selection of library materials is and shall be the responsibility of the Director, and under his delegation, such members of the professional staff who are qualified by reason of education and training. Any materials so selected shall be held to be selected by the Board of Trustees.

No library materials shall be removed from the collection against the judgment of the Board, except under the order of a court of competent jurisdiction.

* "Materials" includes all media

Toledo-Lucas County Public Library
May 18, 1972 Revised and approved: November 16, 2000 by the Toledo Lucas County Public Library Board of Trustees