Ages 4-8

Book Cover: Ruby Rose: Off to School She Goes

Ruby Rose: Off to School She Goes

Author: Rob Sanders

ISBN: 9780062235695

Ruby Rose loves to dance . . .. . . while she's brushing her teeth,. . . while she's eating her breakfast,. . . and even on her way to class.But there's NO DANCING at school! Or is there? With a little luck and a lot of rhythm, Ruby Rose...

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Book Cover: Doll-E 1.0

Doll-E 1.0

Author: Shanda McCloskey

ISBN: 9780316510318

A STEM-friendly tale of a girl and the doll she upgrades to be her new friend, for fans of The Most Magnificent Thing and Rosie Revere, Engineer.Charlotte's world is fully charged! With her dog at her side, she's always tinkering, coding, clicking, and downloading. She's got a knack for anything...

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Book Cover: Bug Battle!

Bug Battle!

Author: Cynthia Ines Mangual

ISBN: 9780399558825

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles face off against Stockman-Fly's new insect minions! Can Raphael overcome his fear of bugs and help his brothers? Boys and girls ages 4 to 6 will love this Step 2 deluxe Step into Reading leveled reader that features over 30 shiny stickers. Step 2 Readers...

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Book Cover: A Dark, Dark Cave

A Dark, Dark Cave

Author: Eric Hoffman

ISBN: 9780670016365

On a cold night, under a pale moon, a brother and sister explore a dark, dark cave. Strange creatures skitter along the walls while bats brush past. A wild howl makes the cave feel just a teensy bit darker. But readers are in for a delightful surprise when a beam...

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Book Cover: Pokémon Visual Companion

Pokémon Visual Companion

Author: Bradygames.

ISBN: 9780744017601

Newly updated to cover the Kalos region, characters, and events, the Pokémon Visual Companion is the essential guide to the animated world of Pokémon. This volume collects the entirety of the Pokémon experience. From ASH to Zoroark, from Kanto to Pokémon's effect in our world, we catch it all. Featuring...

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Book Cover: Team Rocket to the Rescue!

Team Rocket to the Rescue!

Author: Maria S Barbo

ISBN: 9781338117950

Team Rocket to the Rescue?!? Team Rocket is on a mission. They need to find a Core Zygarde for their boss, Giovanni. But when Team Flare tries to steal Z2 away from them, it's up to the bad guys to protect the tiny Pokemon from the even badder guys! Can...

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Book Cover: Big Top Flop

Big Top Flop

Author: Carolyn Keene

ISBN: 9781481437523

Help Nancy and her friends track down the crafty clown who stole George's junior ringmaster whistle in the fourth book in an all-new, interactive Nancy Drew chapter book mystery series. Includes space for readers to jot down their own ideas and solutions to the case!The Bingle and Bumble Circus is...

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Book Cover: Ellie the Flower Girl

Ellie the Flower Girl

Author: Callie Barkley

ISBN: 9781481467186

Ellie's dream of being a flower girl comes true in the fourteenth book of The Critter Club series!When Ellie learns that her cousin is getting married, she's really excited! She has always wanted to go to a wedding. But then she gets even better news when her cousin asks her...

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Book Cover: I Am a Bird

I Am a Bird

Author: Dana Walrath

ISBN: 9781481480024

Celebrate the bonds between fathers, sons, and nature with this lovely, sun-drenched debut picture book.I am a bird. I glide into arms open wide. I'm the hands that hold and the eyes that shine ... when it's you and it's me and the sea. A boy and his father spend...

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Book Cover: Branch and the Cooking Catastrophe

Branch and the Cooking Catastrophe

Author: David Lewman

ISBN: 9781524717087

Join Branch and King Gristle as they plan a super fabulous celebration in the second installment in an all-new chapter book series based on DreamWorks Trolls! From the makers of Shrek, DreamWorks Trolls is the hair-raising comedy filled with unbelievable adventure, incredible music, and Trolls, the joyous creatures with crazy...

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Book Cover: Stanley the Farmer

Stanley the Farmer

Author: William Bee

ISBN: 9781561458035

It's going to be a busy day down on Stanley's Farm! From plowing the field, to planting the seeds, to harvesting the wheat, Stanley has a lot to do. Luckily, his friends Shamus and Little Woo come to help him.

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Book Cover: A Boy, a Ball, and a Dog

A Boy, a Ball, and a Dog

Author: Gianna Marino

ISBN: 9781626722873

There was never a ball the boy wouldn't throw.Luckily, there was never a ball that his dog couldn't catch.When a new kind of ball (a balloon) floats into the picture, both boy and dog try to find a way to play with it, and they become separated. Will they find...

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Book Cover: Friendliness


Author: Tamra Orr

ISBN: 9781634710435

This Level 1 guided reader explores the feeling of friendliness. Students will develop word recognition and reading skills while learning about their feelings.

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Book Cover: Where Is Rusty?

Where Is Rusty?

Author: Sieb Posthuma

ISBN: 9781927271452

A sweet picture book about a curious young dog, Rusty, who gets lost in a big department store. When Rusty goes shopping with his mother, Henrietta, and Toby, his nose leads him astray and on a new adventure.

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