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Book Cover: Alphaprints: Quirky Bird and Other Feathered Friends

Alphaprints: Quirky Bird and Other Feathered Friends


ISBN: 9780312525255

Quirky Bird and Other Feathered Friends is a touch-and-feel board book with googly eyes on the cover and touchable textures throughout.Children will love to meet the weird and wonderful selection of bird characters in this humorous Alphaprints book. With textures and fingerprint embossing to explore, plus funny rhymes to read...

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Book Cover: The Nuts: Keep Rolling!

The Nuts: Keep Rolling!

Author: Eric Litwin

ISBN: 9780316322515

Hazel Nut and Wally's Nut's playtime roll down a muddy hill turns into a hilarious chase when they get covered in so much muck that they get bigger... and bigger... until they're big as ELEPHANTS! Can anyone help get the Nuts back down to size? Eric Litwin offers an upbeat...

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Book Cover: The Pout-Pout Fish, Far, Far from Home

The Pout-Pout Fish, Far, Far from Home

Author: Deborah Diesen

ISBN: 9780374301941

An exciting new adventure starring the New York Times-Bestselling Pout-Pout Fish! Mr. Fish has prepped and packed,And he's made big plans to roam.He's ready for adventureOn his trip away from home!But sometimes trips have detoursAnd not everything goes right.Without his favorite toy,Can he fall asleep at night?Swim along with Mr...

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Book Cover: Jasper & Joop

Jasper & Joop

Author: Olivier Dunrea

ISBN: 9780544173200

Jasper likes to be neat. Each morning he tidies his nest and puts on his cap and bow tie. Joop likes to be messy! Each morning he rumples his nest and musses his feathers. Despite their differences, Jasper and Joop are two very good friends--birds of a feather! But what will happen when one...

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Book Cover: Diversity Matters

Diversity Matters

Author: Jennifer Leigh Davis

ISBN: 9780692642948

Diversity is a little girl that starts a new school and she feels sad because no one in her class looks like her and she feel as she does not matter. A student Joey befriends Diversity and shows her all the students in the class that are different from each...

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Book Cover: Hug This Book!

Hug This Book!

Author: Meagan; Saltzberg Bennett

ISBN: 9780714872841

An energetic, heartfelt, and humorous ode to book loveYou can spin and twirl and dance with this book.You can listen while someone else reads it.You can take your book to lunch.Just do not try to feed it.Expertly whimsical illustrations accompany this rhyming celebration of the printed book, and the attachment...

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Book Cover: Bee & Me

Bee & Me

Author: Alison Jay

ISBN: 9780763690106

A beautiful wordless picture book brings a personal note to the plight of the honeybee and offers a message of hope.A little girl befriends a bee that takes her on a journey of discovery, revealing an action that every child can take to aid in conservation. In a wordless story...

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Book Cover: Push! Dig! Scoop!: A Construction Counting Rhyme

Push! Dig! Scoop!: A Construction Counting Rhyme

Author: Rhonda Gowler Greene

ISBN: 9780802735065

Down at the construction site, mama and papa trucks show their youngsters how to build. Push oosh goes a big mama bulldozer and her one little dozer! Dig schlup goes a tough papa excavator and his two little excavators! Count along with every scooping, mashing, and spinning family of trucks...

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Book Cover: Ladybug Girl Says Good Night

Ladybug Girl Says Good Night

Author: Jacky Davis

ISBN: 9780803738935

Bedtime is the focus of this concept board book in the Ladybug Girl series, perfect for readers ages 1 to 3. Bedtime can be fun, especially for Ladybug Girl and Bingo. From bath-time bubble beards, to pajamas with wings, to special good-nights for all of her stuffed animals, Ladybug Girl...

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Book Cover: Leaps and Bounce

Leaps and Bounce

Author: Susan Hood

ISBN: 9781423152347

Change comes to all who grow. Even tiny tadpoles. Follow them as they start out as small, rounded eggs, and then sprout wiggly tails, before leaping their way into the big wide world!

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Book Cover: The Lion Guard Read-Along Storybook and CD The Power of the Roar

The Lion Guard Read-Along Storybook and CD The Power of the Roar

Author: Disney Book Group.

ISBN: 9781484729502

Unleash the power of the roar of the elders with Kion in this action-packed, interactive read-along storybook with CD that features the actual character voices and sound effects from the episode!

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Book Cover: Touch the Earth

Touch the Earth

Author: Julian Lennon

ISBN: 9781510720831

Jump aboard the White Feather Flier, a magical plane that can go wherever you want. Just press a button printed on the page, and point the plane up in the air to fly, or down to land it.The Flier's mission is to transport readers around the world, to engage them...

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Book Cover: Moo: Peek-a-Flap Children's Board Book

Moo: Peek-a-Flap Children's Board Book

Author: Jaye Garnett

ISBN: 9781680521245

Meet all the animals as you peek and explore around a farm! Each scene features a pair of lift-a-flaps with peekaboo surprises.Inside the flaps, you'll find fun facts about the animals in the artwork.

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Book Cover: Me Tall, You Small

Me Tall, You Small

Author: Lilli L'Arronge

ISBN: 9781771471947

Me Tall, You Small is a series of playful vignettes in the daily life of a pair of weasels, parent and child. Whether they are having a bubble bath, kicking a soccer ball, or eating ice cream together, simple paired phrases showcase their loving - and amusingly realistic - relationship...

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