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Book Cover: Bunny in the Middle

Bunny in the Middle

Author: Anika A. Denise

ISBN: 1250120365

This joyful picture book celebrates middle children and sibling love.When you're in the middle . . . you're not the oldest, and you're not the youngest. You are right in between. There's someone bigger who helps you and someone smaller who needs you. From the middle, you

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Book Cover: Zoom, Zoom, Baby!: A Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Book

Zoom, Zoom, Baby!: A Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Book

Author: Karen Katz

ISBN: 1442493143

Enjoy the ride with this interactive Karen Katz lift-the-flap board book that features different animals on the go!Is Baby on the bus?Beep-beep!No! It's a silly monkey! In this transportation-themed board book from Karen Katz, little ones can lift the flaps on each spread to reveal adorable animals inside a variety...

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Book Cover: One Shoe Two Shoes

One Shoe Two Shoes

Author: Caryl Hart

ISBN: 1547600942

With bright, bold illustrations, this stylish picture book features lots of shoes, ten white mice, and one adorable dog.One shoe, two shoes.Red shoes, blue shoes.Two shoes make a pair.Who's that hiding there?

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Book Cover: Hide and Seek, Little Chameleon

Hide and Seek, Little Chameleon

Author: Anita Bijsterbosch

ISBN: 1605374547

From Kirkus Best Book of the Year author Anita Bijsterbosch!Little Chameleon loves to play hide-and-seek. He knows a few special hiding tricks. Will you help look for Little Chameleon?A cheerful seek-and-find book filled with colors, numbers, and animal

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Book Cover: Baby's Best Friend

Baby's Best Friend

Author: Suzanne Curley

ISBN: 1680105671

In this photographic collection babies and puppies bond and spend the day together.

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Book Cover: Plinka Plinka Shake Shake

Plinka Plinka Shake Shake

Author: Emma Garcia

ISBN: 1910716367

Maracas shake, cymbals crash, and bongos "pata-pata." Kids will love opening this music box of a book and making a joyful noise! Ting ting, boom boom, and a kazoo that goes WHA WOO! Look what's in the music box: lots of instruments to bang, beat, and pluck. Can

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Book Cover: Elmo


Author: Andrea Posner-Sanchez

ISBN: 1984894293

Meet your favorite Sesame Street friends in this adorable photographic board book!Learn all about Elmo in a new Sesame Street board book illustrated with bold, bright photographs. As they pore over the many sturdy pages, babies and toddlers will be delighted

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Book Cover: Moon Babies

Moon Babies

Author: Karen Jameson

ISBN: 9780525514817

Just right for fans of Emily Winfield Martin's Dream Animals, this gorgeously illustrated story-in-verse about baby moons growing up in a celestial nursery is ideal bedtime reading and a perfect new baby gift.In the starry dark of night, / a secret moon world comes to light. / Make a wish...

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Book Cover: Patrolling Police Cars

Patrolling Police Cars

Author: Tony Mitton

ISBN: 9780753474952

Patrol the streets with some cool animal drivers in this cheerful picture book all about police cars. Lively wordplay, vibrant art, plus a visual dictionary, make this title a must-have for bookshelves everywhere. This book is filled with humorous rhyming text by the award-winning poet Tony Mitton, which perfectly complements...

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Book Cover: Will Giraffe Laugh?

Will Giraffe Laugh?

Author: Hilary Leung

ISBN: 9781338215618

One giraffe.One bad mood.One timeless question: Will Giraffe Laugh?Meet Giraffe. Giraffe loves to laugh, but today is different. Giraffe is cranky! All of Giraffe's friends want to cheer him up . . . but is laughter the best medicine for such a grumpy guy? Find out in this surprising and...

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Book Cover: Good Night Hugs

Good Night Hugs

Author: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781400212392

There's nothing quite like a good-night hug! Good Night Hugs, featuring adorable animal families hugging the ones they love most will make your little ones want to snuggle up close. Cozy up with some of the sweetest good-night hugs as you tell your little love good night.Cozy up as you...

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Book Cover: Bear's Book

Bear's Book

Author: Claire Freedman

ISBN: 9781536205718

A story about stories, writing, reading, and friendship When Bear's favorite book of stories falls apart, he is determined to write one of his own. He ventures into the forest for inspiration, but writing is harder than he thinks, and he soon discovers that he needs help from his friends...

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Book Cover: Who's Hiding on the Farm?

Who's Hiding on the Farm?

Author: Nosy Crow

ISBN: 9781536205862

Let little ones pore over the beautiful collaged pages and explore behind bushes, hay bales, and barn doors to discover lots of interesting facts about farmyard animals in this innovative lift-the-flap book.There are lots of animals on the farm. Where are they hiding and what are they doing? In this...

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Book Cover: Lois Looks for Bob at the Beach

Lois Looks for Bob at the Beach

Author: Nosy Crow

ISBN: 9781536205886

The next title in this quirky lift-the-flap book series from illustrator Gerry Turley appeal with their offbeat humor. Little readers will love helping Lois search for her friend Bob at the beach and encountering their friends along the way.

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Book Cover: Diggersaurs


Author: Michael Whaite

ISBN: 9781984847799

Bigger than a digger...hungrier than a's a DIGGERSAUR! This rhyming mash-up of dinosaurs and trucks will delight dino fanatics and construction fans alike.A dozen dinosaur trucks crunch, scrape, chomp, and rumble through this book as they work on roads and construction sites. Little dinosaur fans will love the inventive...

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