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Book Cover: Hats Are Not for Cats!

Hats Are Not for Cats!

Author: Rayner, Jacqueline K.

ISBN: 1328967190

Are hats for cats? A big, bossy dog and a determined cat disagree. This funny rhyming romp - with a large cast of cats and hats - leads readers to the perfect conclusion: hats are for everyone!A big, severe, plaid-hat-wearing dog insists that the small black cat in the re...

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Book Cover: Future Astronaut

Future Astronaut

Author: Alexander, Lori

ISBN: 1338312227

Discover all the out-of-this-world ways babies of today can become astronauts of the future!Ground Control to Major Baby: Could you be an astronaut?Does baby have what it takes to become an astronaut? That's an affirmative, Houston! Discover all the incredib

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Book Cover: I am a Tractor

I am a Tractor

Author: Landers, Ace

ISBN: 1338333607

Learn all about the hardest-working machine on the farm in a board book shaped like a real tractor!I am a tractor.I work on a farm.Readers may want to put on their work gloves for this fun and sturdy board book shaped like a tractor! Read along as this mighty t...

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Book Cover: Dream Big

Dream Big

Author: Wan, Joyce

ISBN: 1338338684

A bold, inspiring message for little graduates of today with a heartening homage to female trailblazers of the past from beloved creator Joyce Wan!Dream your dreams with your eyes wide open and make them come true. Dream big, little one, the world is waiting for you.

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Book Cover: Bedtime for Baby Shark: Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

Bedtime for Baby Shark: Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

Author: Bajet, John John

ISBN: 1338588982

Sing and dance along with Baby Shark as he gets ready for bed in this playful song and story -- the follow-up to the bestselling picture book!How does Baby Shark get ready for bed?Brush your teeth! Doo doo doo doo doo doo!Take a bath! Doo doo doo doo doo doo...

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Book Cover: Animal Shapes

Animal Shapes

Author: Neal, Christopher Silas

ISBN: 1499805349

Best-selling picture book creator Christopher Silas Neal is diving into the world of original board books with Animal Shapes, a book that humorously mashes up animals and shapes to create a unique and funny object!When a cozy cat meets a circle, they make a . . .

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Book Cover: Two Brothers, One Tail

Two Brothers, One Tail

Author: Richard T. Morris

ISBN: 1524740853

A sweet and charming picture book about the unending love between a boy and his dog."A gentle and loving illustration of the absolute bond between a boy and his canine buddy." -Kirkus Two brothers, two handsTwo brothers, four paws

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Book Cover: Noni the Pony Rescues a Joey

Noni the Pony Rescues a Joey

Author: Alison Lester

ISBN: 1534443703

Noni the Pony and her friends help a lost wallaby joey find his family in this jaunty follow-up to Noni the Pony and Noni the Pony Goes to the Beach.Noni the Pony and her friends Dave Dog and Coco the Cat are headed out to spend the day roaming the...

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Book Cover: Can You Say It, Too? Tweet! Tweet!

Can You Say It, Too? Tweet! Tweet!

Author: Nosy Crow

ISBN: 1536205567

Lift the flaps to reveal the animal and learn its noise in this fun and interactive series.Children will love spotting the bird, lifting the flap to reveal the complete creature, and then making its noise in this latest book in the Can You Say It, Too? series. Sturdy flaps

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Book Cover: Lionel and the Lion's Share

Lionel and the Lion's Share

Author: Lou Peacock

ISBN: 1536205923

Lionel the lion does NOT like to share. After all, he's learned that lions always get the lion's share. He gets all the best instruments from the music shop, all the handsomest hats from the hat shop, and all the brightest balloons from the balloon cart. But at Chloe's birthday...

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Book Cover: Baby's Firsts

Baby's Firsts

Author: Nancy Raines Day

ISBN: 1580897746

Endearing rhyming text highlights the developmental milestones babies encounter before their first birthday--crying, smiling, eating, teething, rolling, crawling, walking, and talking.Join the celebration as three babies, encouraged by their families, grow more and more ac

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Book Cover: Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

Author: Polly Noakes

ISBN: 1786281821

A group of friends wanders out into the meadow to play a game of hide-and-seek on a beautiful summer’s afternoon. Children will delight in spotting the hidden creatures on each page as the little girl tries to find them. But it’s not always clear who is hunting whom, or who...

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Book Cover: Cookie


Author: Andrea Posner-Sanchez

ISBN: 1984894307

Meet your favorite Sesame Street friends in this adorable photographic book!Learn all about Cookie Monster in a new Sesame Street board book illustrated with bold, bright photographs. As they pore over the many sturdy pages, babies and toddlers will be deligh

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Book Cover: Why?


Author: Laura Vaccaro Seeger

ISBN: 9780823441730

Why? Why? Why? asks Rabbit. Bear answers patiently . . . except sometimes, Bear just doesn't know why. Two-time Caldecott and Geisel Honoree Laura Vaccaro Seeger tells a disarmingly simple story about the lovable characters Bear and the unfailingly curious Rabbit.Bear just wants to water his flowers, but Rabbit needs...

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Book Cover: This Is the Construction Worker

This Is the Construction Worker

Author: Laura Godwin

ISBN: 9781368018173

Young readers will delight in this step-by-step journey as a construction worker goes about her day on the job. With compelling details, vibrant color, and a driving rhythm, This is the Construction Worker builds up excitement as the high rise project in the illustrations grows taller and taller. Emphasizing teamwork...

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