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Book Cover: Red Car, Green Car

Red Car, Green Car

Author: Roger Priddy

ISBN: 9780312521615

Red Car, Green Car is a surprise-packed, imaginative way for pre-schoolers to learn about color, with clever acetate pictures that change at the pull of a tab.Each double-page spread has illustrations of fun things associated with the color, and a playful, rhyming narrative that children will love to join in...

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Book Cover: Tractor Mac Countdown to Christmas

Tractor Mac Countdown to Christmas

Author: Billy Steers

ISBN: 9780374301200

Preparing for Christmas is lots of fun, and no place is cozier in the wintertime than Stony Meadow Farm. Join Tractor Mac and his animal and vehicle friends as they wrap gifts, bake holiday treats, decorate a tree, and get ready for the big day.

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Book Cover: Room for Bear

Room for Bear

Author: Ciara Gavin

ISBN: 9780385754736

A huggable picture-book debut about a bear who doesn't quite fit - perfect for fans of Karma Wilson's Bear Snores On and Philip C. Snead & Erin Stead's Bear Has a Story to Tell. When Bear wakes up one spring, he goes in search of a new home. And he...

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Book Cover: Curious George Farm to Table

Curious George Farm to Table

Author: H A Rey

ISBN: 9780544652224

George's friend Marco wants to make his famous tortillas for his abuela's birthday, and George is happy to help! But when George knocks over the bag of masa and the grocery store is all out, George and Marco are worried the birthday surprise will be ruined. Luckily, Uncle Enrique is...

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Book Cover: A Brave Big Sister: A Bible Story About Miriam

A Brave Big Sister: A Bible Story About Miriam

Author: Rachel Spier Weaver

ISBN: 9780736970792

It's Time to Be Brave! Growing up as a slave girl, Miriam learned how to be brave - and smart. When her baby brother, Moses, was in grave danger, Miriam and her mom saved his life. As Miriam matured, she became a gifted musician and discovered other God-given talents. And...

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Book Cover: Can You Say It, Too? Cheep! Cheep!

Can You Say It, Too? Cheep! Cheep!

Author: Nosy Crow

ISBN: 9780763693299

"A pleasant spring read for emerging speakers." - Kirkus ReviewsFive lavishly illustrated spreads, big recessed flaps, and a host of adorable animals to spot, name, and mimic combine in this delightful little board book series for the very young.

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Book Cover: Finding Wild

Finding Wild

Author: Megan Wagner Lloyd

ISBN: 9781101932810

*"Sometimes the most striking picture books are the ones that make readers see something in a new way, or that creatively express a concept regularly pondered but rarely put into words."--Shelf Awareness, starred review"Lloyd's sparkling debut celebrates nature through a whimsical meditation on the idea of wildness. Halpin's lush and...

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Book Cover: Bugs, Bees, and Other Buzzy Creatures

Bugs, Bees, and Other Buzzy Creatures

Author: Dk Publishing.

ISBN: 9781465444776

What's the buzz? Learn all about the insect world with fun activities and amazing facts in Bugs, Bees, and Other Buzzy Creatures. Discover why bees buzz and why ladybugs are red as you complete different fun craft activities. Each page has clear, engaging photographs with clear text and simple step-by-step...

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Book Cover: Meet the Heroes . . . and the Villains, Too!

Meet the Heroes . . . and the Villains, Too!

Author: Maggie Testa

ISBN: 9781481486507

Learn all about your favorite heroes and baddies in this sweet tabbed board book based on PJ Masks, the hit preschool series airing on Disney Junior!Are you ready to meet the PJ Masks? Now you can learn all about Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko as well as the baddies they battle...

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Book Cover: Daytime Visions: An Alphabet

Daytime Visions: An Alphabet

Author: Isol

ISBN: 9781592701957

A many-layered alphabet book from an international star of the children's book world, Daytime Visions is graphically strong and intelligent in its exploration of words and situations. Whether it's a kiwi who returns to a boy's shoulder or a little duck who can't sleep, the visions here are relatable to...

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Book Cover: Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand

Author: Rosemary Wells

ISBN: 9781627794343

Be my teacher from day one. Be my sky, my moon, my sun.The bond a parent and child share is special. In this sweet and heartfelt picture book, renowned author-illustrator Rosemary Wells celebrates all that parents do with and for their children from the very beginning: talking and walking, feeding...

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Book Cover: No Room for Baby!

No Room for Baby!

Author: Émile Jadoul

ISBN: 9781771388412

Leon is worried. There's a new baby penguin in his home. And though Marcel is sleeping in his crib now, he can't stay there forever. But where can they put him? Mama's arms are way too big to cuddle a tiny baby penguin. It's definitely too scary high up on...

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Book Cover: The Journey

The Journey

Author: Francesca Sanna

ISBN: 9781909263994

With haunting echoes of the current refugee crisis this beautifully illustrated book explores the unimaginable decisions made as a family leave their home and everything they know to escape the turmoil and tragedy brought by war. This book will stay with you long after the last page is turned.From the...

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Book Cover: Burt's Way Home

Burt's Way Home

Author: John Martz

ISBN: 9781927668375

Burt's an orphan, but no regular orphan; he's an orphan of time and space after a cosmic accident left him stranded on earth, or so he says. Lydia is an older woman who has adopted Burt. Together they tell a tale of home and belonging from two different perspectives.John Martz...

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