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Book Cover: The Tale Teller: A Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito Novel

The Tale Teller: A Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito Novel


ISBN: 9780062391957

Legendary Navajo policeman Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn takes center stage in this riveting atmospheric mystery from New York Times bestselling author Anne Hillerman that combines crime, superstition, and tradition and brings the desert Southwest vividly alive.Joe Leaphorn may have retired from the Tribal Police, but he finds himself knee-deep in a...

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Book Cover: The Unlikely Adventures of the Shergill Sisters: A Novel

The Unlikely Adventures of the Shergill Sisters: A Novel

Author: Balli Kaur Jaswal

ISBN: 9780062645142

The author of the Reese Witherspoon Book Club selection Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows follows her acclaimed America debut with this life-affirming, witty family drama - an Indian This Is Where I Leave You - about three Punjabi sisters embarking on a pilgrimage to their homeland to lay their mother...

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Book Cover: The Binding: A Novel

The Binding: A Novel

Author: Bridget Collins

ISBN: 9780062838094

In the tradition of Sarah Waters, Helene Wecker, and Jessie Burton, an atmospheric and mystery-laden historical novel set within a magical world where books are not stories but the repository of individual lives.Imagine you could erase grief.Imagine you could remove pain.Imagine you could hide the darkest, most horrifying secret.Forever.Young Emmett...

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Book Cover: The Elephant of Surprise

The Elephant of Surprise

Author: Joe R. Lansdale

ISBN: 9780316479875

Hap and Leonard are an unlikely pair--Hap, a self-proclaimed white trash rebel, and Leonard--a tough-as-nails Black, gay, Vietnam vet and Republican--but they're the closest friend either of them has in the world. After years of crime-solving companionship, something's changed: Hap, recently married to their P.I. boss, Brett, is now...

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Book Cover: The Break Line

The Break Line

Author: James Brabazon

ISBN: 9780440001478

British intelligence operative and hardened assassin, Max McLean, battles a nightmarish enemy in this stunning debut thriller from an award winning war correspondent. When it comes to killing terrorists British intelligence has always had one man they could rely on, Max McLean. As an assassin, he's never missed, but Max...

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Book Cover: Fumbled


Author: Alexa Martin

ISBN: 9780451491978

A second chance doesn't guarantee a touchdown in this new contemporary romance from the author of Intercepted.Single-mother Poppy Patterson moved across the country when she was sixteen and pregnant to find a new normal. After years of hard work, she's built a life she loves. It may include a job...

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Book Cover: The Altruists: A Novel

The Altruists: A Novel

Author: Andrew Ridker

ISBN: 9780525522713

"Super brilliant, super funny."--Gary Shteyngart, author of Super Sad True Love Story and Lake Success"A truly remarkable debut."--Nathan Hill, author of The NixA vibrant and perceptive novel about a father's plot to win back his children's inheritanceArthur Alter is in trouble. A middling professor at a Midwestern college, he can't...

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Book Cover: The Bookshop of the Broken Hearted

The Bookshop of the Broken Hearted

Author: Robert Hillman

ISBN: 9780525535928

"Beautifully written. . . . Full of insight into the nature of tragedy, love, and redemption." --Garth SteinA gorgeously written, tender, and wise novel about love and forgiveness in 1960s Australia, in which a lonely farmer finds his life turned upside down by the arrival of a vibrant librarian.Can one...

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Book Cover: Grace After Henry

Grace After Henry

Author: Eithne Shortall

ISBN: 9780525537861

A quirky love story set in Dublin that's perfect for fans of PS, I Love You and Jojo Moyes, Grace After Henry is a funny, heartfelt debut novel about one woman learning what it means to move on and to let goWhen her fiancé, Henry Walsh, is killed in a...

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Book Cover: Tomorrow There Will Be Sun: A Novel

Tomorrow There Will Be Sun: A Novel

Author: Dana Reinhardt

ISBN: 9780525557968

A private Mexican villa is the backdrop to this smart, absorbing story of a milestone vacation in a tropical paradise gone wrong, wrong, wrongTwo families arrive in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Jenna has organized the trip to celebrate her husband's fiftieth birthday--she's been looking forward to it...

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Book Cover: The Book of Dreams: A Novel

The Book of Dreams: A Novel

Author: Nina George

ISBN: 9780525572534

The next novel from Nina George, author of the blockbuster bestsellers The Little Paris Bookshop and The Little French Bistro, about the spaces between lives and realities and loves both lost and coming homeWhen Henri ends up in a coma after rescuing a young girl from the Thames, his ex-girlfriend...

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Book Cover: The Peacock Emporium: A Novel

The Peacock Emporium: A Novel

Author: Jojo Moyes

ISBN: 9780735222335

Now published in the US for the first time, an early novel by the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Me Before You, After You, and Still Me.

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Book Cover: The Fifteen Wonders of Daniel Green

The Fifteen Wonders of Daniel Green

Author: Erica Boyce

ISBN: 9781492671497

Sometimes wonder is found not beyond the stars, but a few feet from your own front door...Daniel Green makes crop circles. As a member of a secret organization, he travels across the country creating strange works of art that leave communities mystified. He's always been alone; in fact, he prefers...

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Book Cover: Murder with Collard Greens and Hot Sauce

Murder with Collard Greens and Hot Sauce

Author: A.L. Herbert

ISBN: 9781496718006

Mahalia's Sweet Tea boasts the most flavorful soul food in all of Prince George's County, Maryland. But as events at the beauty industry's leading trade show turn ugly, owner Halia Watkins needs to bite into an unsavory new item on the menu - murder! When the chicest hair convention of...

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Book Cover: The Gulf: A Novel

The Gulf: A Novel

Author: Belle Boggs

ISBN: 9781555978341

A hilarious send-up of writing workshops, for-profit education, and the gulf between believers and nonbelieversMarianne is in a slump: barely able to support herself by teaching, not making progress on her poetry, about to lose her Brooklyn apartment. When her novelist ex-fiancé, Eric, and his venture capitalist brother, Mark, offer...

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Book Cover: A Friend Is a Gift You Give Yourself: A Novel

A Friend Is a Gift You Give Yourself: A Novel

Author: William Boyle

ISBN: 9781643130583

Goodfellas meets Thelma and Louise when an unlikely trio of women in New York find themselves banding together to escape the clutches of violent figures from their pasts. After Brooklyn mob widow Rena Ruggiero hits her eighty-year-old neighbor Enzio in the head with an ashtray when he makes an unwanted...

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Book Cover: Bones Behind the Wheel: A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery

Bones Behind the Wheel: A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery


ISBN: 9781683318873

Barry Award-winning author E. J. Copperman is back with the tenth hilarious installment in his national bestselling Haunted Guesthouse mysteries.Haunted Guesthouse proprietress Alison Kerby and her ghostly guest detective, Paul, "auto" know better than to dig into the case of a long-buried sedan and its now-skeletal driver. Innkeeper Alison Kerby...

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Book Cover: Another Kingdom

Another Kingdom

Author: Andrew Klavan

ISBN: 9781684422630

"What was this place? Was I crazy? Or was I crazy before, back in L.A.? Was my real life some sort of dream? Was this hell reality?" Austin Lively is a struggling, disillusioned screenwriter whose life is suddenly changed forever when he opens a door and is unwittingly transported to...

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Book Cover: Stay Up with Hugo Best: A Novel

Stay Up with Hugo Best: A Novel

Author: Erin Somers

ISBN: 9781982102357

An incredibly timely, terrifically witty and moving debut about a young writers' assistant on a late night comedy show and what transpires when she accepts an invitation from its enigmatic host to spend a long weekend at his mansion in Connecticut.June Bloom is a broke, cynical twenty-nine-year-old writers' assistant on...

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