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Graphic Novels can be fiction, nonfiction, history, fantasy or anything in-between. Graphic novels are generally stand-alone stories with more complex plots than your typical comic book.

Book Cover: Champion: The Graphic Novel

Champion: The Graphic Novel

Author: Marie Lu

ISBN: 9780451534347

The final book in Marie Lu's best-selling Legend trilogy draws to a thrilling conclusion in this vibrant graphic novel adaptation. June and Day have sacrificed so much for the people of the Republic--and each other--and now their country is on the brink of a new existence. June is back in...

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Book Cover: Hawkeye vs. Deadpool

Hawkeye vs. Deadpool

Author: Gerry Duggan

ISBN: 9780785193104

Once upon a time, champions emerged to fight the evil plaguing humanity. They fought for all that was good in the world. They were kind, generous and self-sacrificing. They were heroes. These are not those heroes. Meet Hawkeye: ladies man ("ladies man" because the ladies love to hate this man)...

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Book Cover: Civil War: House of M

Civil War: House of M

Author: Christos Gage

ISBN: 9780785195740

The Master of Magnetism began life as a penniless refugee, but rose to conquer the entire planet...and now writer Christos Gage (House of M: Avengers, Avengers: The Initiative) and artist Andrea Di Vito (Annihilation) show you how the fan-favorite X-foe did it! Witness Magne

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Book Cover: Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol. 1: Isn't it Bromantic

Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol. 1: Isn't it Bromantic

Author: Joe Kelly

ISBN: 9780785197867

The Webbed Wonder and the Merc with a Mouth are teaming up for their first series EVER! It's action, adventure and just a smattering of (b) romance in this episodic epic featuring the WORLD'S GREATEST SUPER HERO and the star of the WORLD'S GREATEST COMICS MAGAZINE. Talk about a REAL...

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Book Cover: Black Panther by Christopher Priest: The Complete Collection Vol. 2

Black Panther by Christopher Priest: The Complete Collection Vol. 2

Author: Christopher Priest

ISBN: 9780785198116

When T'Challa falls to the one foe he's never beaten, Killmonger earns the right to become the new Black Panther! Only Everett K. Ross can save T'Challa's life - okay, Ross plus Moon Knight, Brother Voodoo and the Panther God! Still suffering, the deposed Wakandan leader finds himself caught in...

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Book Cover: Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows Vol. 2

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows Vol. 2

Author: Gerry Conway

ISBN: 9781302905811

The sensational adventures of the spectacular Spider-Family continue! And this time they're joined by...the X-Men! Annie Parker just received an invitation to attend Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters -which means she's going to get to meet Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey and Professor X! But where the X-Men go, can Magneto...

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Book Cover: Vision


Author: TOM KING

ISBN: 9781302908539

Written by best-selling Author Tom King! One of the most celebrated comic books of the century, collected in full alongside an expansive array of special features! Vision wants to be human, and what's more human than family? So he heads back to the beginning - to the laboratory where Ultron...

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Book Cover: Gotham Academy: Second Semester Vol. 1

Gotham Academy: Second Semester Vol. 1


ISBN: 9781401271190

GOTHAM ACADEMY is back for its second semester!When you're Gotham Academy student Olive Silverlock, winter holidays can be a drag. Luckily, when a new student shows up at Gotham Academy to keep her company while the other students are away, Olive finds what could be a brand new friend...or a...

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Book Cover: The Osamu Tezuka Story: A Life in Manga and Anime

The Osamu Tezuka Story: A Life in Manga and Anime

Author: Toshio Ban

ISBN: 9781611720259

This graphic-format biography of Osamu Tezuka - Japan's "God of Manga" - looks at one of the twentieth century's great creative artists (Astro Boy, Kimba the White Lion, Black Jack) . It is also an anecdotal study of the evolution of Japan's early manga and anime business and its heroes...

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Book Cover: Poppy! and the lost lagoon

Poppy! and the lost lagoon

Author: Matt Kindt; Brian Hurtt

ISBN: 9781616559434

"The greatest explorer since her grandfather Pappy, ten-year-old Poppy Pepperton travels the globe with her trusty sidekick and legal guardian, Colt Winchester"--

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Book Cover: The Prince and the Dressmaker

The Prince and the Dressmaker

Author: Jen Wang

ISBN: 9781626723634

Paris, at the dawn of the modern age:Prince Sebastian is looking for a bride -- or rather, his parents are looking for one for him. Sebastian is too busy hiding his secret life from everyone. At night he puts on daring dresses and takes Paris by storm as the fabulous...

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Book Cover: Kelly: The Cartoonist America Turns To

Kelly: The Cartoonist America Turns To

Author: N/A

ISBN: 9781631406843

The Los Angeles Times proclaims The Onion's editorial cartoonist, Stan Kelly, "A maniac whose ideas frequently make no sense at all!" But what do you expect from the Lame-stream Media? What truly makes no sense at all is that there has never been a published collection of Kelly's work -...

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Book Cover: Mary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus

Mary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus

Author: Chester Brown

ISBN: 9781770462342

The idiosyncratic master Chester Brown continues his thoughts on sex work"The Bible is Chester Brown's holy harlot. He plumbs the mysteries of her depths while she schools him in the ways of love. Like all of Chester's work, Mary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus is confounding, yet addictive, instantly...

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Book Cover: The Supergirls: Feminism, Fantasy, and the History of Comic Book Heroines

The Supergirls: Feminism, Fantasy, and the History of Comic Book Heroines

Author: Mike Madrid

ISBN: 9781935259336

"Mike Madrid is doing God's work. . . . mak[ing] accessible a lost, heady land of female adventure." - ComicsAlliance"Sharp and lively . . . [Madrid] clearly loves this stuff. And he's enough of a historian to be able to trace the ways in which the portrayal of sirens and...

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