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Book Cover: Kiss Carlo: A Novel

Kiss Carlo: A Novel

Author: Adriana Trigiani

ISBN: 9780062644282

From Adriana Trigiani,  the beloved New York Times-bestselling author of The Shoemaker's Wife,  comes an exhilarating epic novel of love, loyalty, and creativity - the story of an Italian-American family on the cusp of change. It's 1949 and South Philadelphia bursts with opportunity during the post-war boom. The Palazzini Cab Company...

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Book Cover: The Saddle Maker's Son

The Saddle Maker's Son

Author: Kelly Irvin

ISBN: 9781410491060

Rebekah Lantz feels imprisoned by circumstances she didn t create. Tobias Byler is haunted by regret. Can two young runaways from half a world away teach them the healing power of true family? Rebekah isn t like her sister, but the watchful gaze of her family and small, close knit...

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Book Cover: The Midnight Bell

The Midnight Bell

Author: Jack Higgins

ISBN: 9781410493316

A New York Times Bestselling Author In Northern Ireland, a petty criminal kills a woman in a drunken car crash. In London, Sean Dillon receives a warning from al-Qaeda. And in Washington, D.C., a CIA special projects director activates his daring -- and unauthorized -- anti-terrorism plan. Soon, the ripples...

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Book Cover: The Simplicity of Cider

The Simplicity of Cider

Author: Amy E Reichert

ISBN: 9781410499387

Focused and unassuming fifth generation cider-maker Sanna Lund has one desire: to live a simple, quiet life on her family's apple orchard in Door County, Wisconsin. Although her business is struggling, Sanna remains fiercely devoted to the orchard, despite her brother's attempts to convince their aging father to sell the...

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Book Cover: Until You Loved Me

Until You Loved Me

Author: Brenda Novak

ISBN: 9781432838775

New York Times bestselling author Brenda Novak returns to Silver Springs Sometimes starting over means finding everything you've been missing... After catching her fiance cheating--with another man--usually straitlaced, workaholic scientist Ellie Fisher liberates her wild side just long enough to indulge in a passionate one-night stand with a tall, dark...

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Book Cover: Beach House for Rent

Beach House for Rent

Author: Mary Alice Monroe

ISBN: 9781432840693

New York Times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe returns to her beloved Isle of Palms to tell the poignant, charming story of two women, one summer, and one very special beach house. When Cara Rutledge rents out her quaint beach house on Isle of Palms to Heather Fordham for the...

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Book Cover: Without Fear or Favor

Without Fear or Favor

Author: Robert K. Tanenbaum

ISBN: 9781432841843

In the twenty-ninth novel in the New York Times bestselling Karp-Ciampi series featuring "the best fictional prosecuting attorney in literature" (Mark Lane, #1 New York Times bestselling author) , Butch Karp and his wife Marlene Ciampi must stop a radical organization of armed militants bent on the cold-blooded murder of...

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Book Cover: Death of a Liar

Death of a Liar

Author: M C Beaton

ISBN: 9781455504787

Sergeant Hamish Macbeth is alarmed to receive a report from a woman in the small village of Cronish in the Scottish Highlands. She has been brutally attacked and the criminal is on the loose. But upon further investigation, Hamish discovers that she was lying about the crime. So when the...

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Book Cover: Seize the Day: Living on Purpose and Making Every Day Count

Seize the Day: Living on Purpose and Making Every Day Count

Author: Joyce Meyer

ISBN: 9781455559909

#1 New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer shares a purposeful approach to everyday living, helping readers claim the good things God has in store for them each day.

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Book Cover: I Am Number 8: Overlooked and Undervalued, but Not Forgotten by God

I Am Number 8: Overlooked and Undervalued, but Not Forgotten by God

Author: John W Gray

ISBN: 9781455571161

If God can take David--the invisible eighth son of a forgotten family--and turn him into a king, just imagine what magnificent plans He has for redeeming your life.

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Book Cover: The Girl from the Savoy.

The Girl from the Savoy.

Author: Gaynor Hazel

ISBN: 9781683240228

p. cm.

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Book Cover: On Second Thought

On Second Thought


ISBN: 9781683242956

Ainsley O Leary is ready to get married. She s found the engagement ring her boyfriend has hidden, but she doesn t anticipate being blindsided by a breakup in a public blog. In the depths of her despair, Ainsley turns to her half-sister Kate."

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