New African American Fiction

Book Cover: Acting on Impulse

Acting on Impulse

Author: MIA SOSA

ISBN: 9780062690340

The first in a fun, flirty new series from Mia Sosa! After a very public breakup with a media-hungry politician, fitness trainer Tori Alvarez escapes to Aruba for rest, relaxation, and copious amounts of sex on the beach - the cocktail, that is. She vows to keep her vacation a...

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Book Cover: Pretending He's Mine

Pretending He's Mine

Author: MIA SOSA

ISBN: 9780062690401

Mia Sosa returns with another fun, flirty romance in her Love on Cue series!For Hollywood agent Julian Hart, representing his best friend - megastar Carter Williamson - means it's nearly impossible to keep his personal life and career separate. To make matters worse, Carter's younger sister has been starring in...

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Book Cover: Full Court Seduction

Full Court Seduction

Author: Synithia Williams

ISBN: 9780373864874

Playing for keeps Straitlaced conservationist Danielle Stewart is known for passionately protecting the Florida coastline. Only one man knows about the other side of Danielle, the one she keeps concealed behind prim cardigans and glasses. Back in college, Danielle shared a sizzling night with Jacobe Jenkins. Next day, he left...

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Book Cover: The Solace of Water: A Novel

The Solace of Water: A Novel

Author: Elizabeth Byler Younts

ISBN: 9780718075668

In The Solace of Water, Elizabeth Byler Younts tells the story of two women, one white and one black, in racially charged 1956, who fight personal battles of freedom and form a friendship that neither expected.After the loss of her young son, Carver, an African-American preacher's wife named Delilah Evans...

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Book Cover: The Diva and the Beast: A Whirlwind Romance Novel

The Diva and the Beast: A Whirlwind Romance Novel

Author: D'STARR.

ISBN: 9780990496694

Can a diva and a beast actually find love together that lasts forever? When Ieshelle Jones first spots Nicolas St. Pierre, she is shaken to the core--he's tall and muscular with palpable animal magnetism, and she can't help devouring him with her eyes. She takes in every aspect of his...

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Book Cover: Overtime for Love

Overtime for Love

Author: Synithia Williams

ISBN: 9781335216526

Desire is a game without rules Optimistic and hardworking, Angela Bouler prides herself on getting through life without asking for an assist. School, two jobs, caring for her nephew, Cory - she's keeping all together ... then Isaiah Reynolds bounces into her life. The Jacksonville Gators' star forward is coaching...

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Book Cover: It Must Be Love

It Must Be Love

Author: Nicki Night

ISBN: 9781335216663

Rules Were Made to Be BrokenJewel Chandler's list of boyfriend requirements is extensive - and Sterling Bishop doesn't meet any of them. Sure, the wealthy businessman is gorgeous, but he also has an ex-wife and a young daughter. Sterling knows he's the only man for Jewel, and the sexy heiress's...

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Book Cover: When I'm with You

When I'm with You

Author: Donna Hill

ISBN: 9781335216700

The bad-boy heir to the Lawson dynasty has found love!Until his past threatens the future ... Longtime New Orleans bachelor Rafe Lawson is finally ready to tie the knot. His heart has been captured by gorgeous senator's daughter Avery Richards. Then the media descends, jeopardizing her Secret Service career -...

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Book Cover: Pleasure in His Kiss

Pleasure in His Kiss

Author: Pamela Yaye

ISBN: 9781335216717

They're living their most passionate dream ... But will her scandalous secret cost her his love?Beauty blogger and owner of the Hamptons' hottest salon, Karma Sullivan has been swept off her feet by judge Morrison Drake. But she knows their passion-filled nights must end. She can't let her family secret...

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Book Cover: Tempting the Beauty Queen

Tempting the Beauty Queen

Author: Carolyn Hector

ISBN: 9781335216724

From beauty queen ... to bride?A Once Upon a Tiara storyIf Kenzie Swayne didn't require a date for a string of upcoming weddings, she'd turn Ramon Torres's offer down flat. The gorgeous entrepreneur stood her up once, unwilling to let emotion interfere with his ambition. Ramon needs Kenzie's expertise for...

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Book Cover: Beneath Southern Skies

Beneath Southern Skies

Author: Terra Little

ISBN: 9781335216731

Take a second chance on me ... Avery Montgomery created a hit show about her old neighborhood, but there's one secret she can't reveal: the reason she left town. Avery felt like an outsider in Dr. Elwood Jackson's world, thanks to his brother's disapproval. Elwood has never forgiven Avery for...

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Book Cover: Guarding His Heart

Guarding His Heart

Author: Synithia Williams

ISBN: 9781335216762

Scoring for LoveSizzling-hot basketball star Kevin Koucky plans to end his career with a bang by posing au naturel in a magazine feature. When photographer Jasmin Hook agrees to take the assignment, she never expects the risqué photo shoot to end with a sensual slam dunk. But the handsome athlete...

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Book Cover: The Accidental Mistress

The Accidental Mistress


ISBN: 9781496715760

A Justice Hustlers Novel Two gorgeous sisters. One plays by the rules. The other lives her wild-card dreams on blast. But in this sizzling, twist-filled tale, they must help the exploited by putting their troubled relationship - and very different lives - on the line. Sisters from Trinidad, Violet and...

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Book Cover: Touched by You

Touched by You


ISBN: 9781496716002

Unimaginable luxury. Longstanding wealth. A powerful family empire that controls the town of Wellspring, Michigan. But three heirs are done - with all of it. Now one by one, these very different siblings are seizing control of their lives . . . and daring to find real hometown love. Brooklyn...

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Book Cover: The Book in Room 316

The Book in Room 316

Author: ReShonda Tate Billingsley

ISBN: 9781501156663

#1 national bestselling and award-winning author ReShonda Tate Billingsley delivers another moving, evocative, and timely novel about how a small seed of hope can change the course of one's life.Savannah Graham thought she had the perfect marriage ... until grief drove her husband into the arms of his best friend's...

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Book Cover: Night Hawks: Stories

Night Hawks: Stories

Author: Charles Johnson

ISBN: 9781501184383

A masterful story collection - thirteen years in the making - from National Book Award winner Charles Johnson, showcasing the incredible range and resonant voice of this American treasure.This new collection of stories from National Book Award winner Charles Johnson offers an eclectic, engaging range of narratives, tied together by...

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Book Cover: The Billionaire's Reluctant Pregnant Bride: A BWWM Romance

The Billionaire's Reluctant Pregnant Bride: A BWWM Romance

Author: Imani King

ISBN: 9781516979905

I just had the best sex of my life with New York's most eligible playboy bachelor, billionaire Preston Easterbrook. There are only three problems. #1: He's my brother's best friend. #2: I can't stand the man, and he can't stand me either. #3: I'm pregnant now and the baby is...

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Book Cover: Be Mine: A BWWM Marriage Love Story For Adults

Be Mine: A BWWM Marriage Love Story For Adults

Author: Katie Dowe

ISBN: 9781530899562

A complete marriage romance by bestselling author Katie Dowe. Julian Robinson can't help but live up to the stereotype; A billionaire playboy who always has a different woman on his arm. That is, until Kymonia comes around! Kymonia Blake is a successful novelist with no time for nonsense. So when...

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Book Cover: True Consequences

True Consequences

Author: Robert Barnes, III

ISBN: 9781939665485

With Every Action, There Will Be a Dire Consequence! In the fast life of drugs, guns and urban street crime, all that glitters is not gold. There are plenty of good times and plenty of bad times, but life will always make you face the True Consequences of your actions...

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Book Cover: The Thick of Things

The Thick of Things

Author: J. L. Campbell

ISBN: 9781940636580

Life has a way of going awry when you least expect it, and Khalila Skyers learns this lesson the hard way. In one devastating blow after another, she loses her cosy existence. Then Douglas Blythe overtakes her life like a flood, and she's not equipped to deal with an attraction...

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Book Cover: Back to Life: Love After Heartbreak

Back to Life: Love After Heartbreak

Author: SHANTAE.

ISBN: 9781945855283

Join this closeknit group as they block bitter exes, confront fake friends, and tackle fear of the unknown, all while experiencing true love on a whole new level.Talented author Dakota Bibbs has deemed herself unlucky in love. She only dreams of experiencing a connection with a man similar to the...

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Book Cover: Defined by My Curves: Falling for a BBW

Defined by My Curves: Falling for a BBW

Author: Tyanna

ISBN: 9781985127838

Genesis Shaw broke the BBW mold with her unquestionable confidence and natural love of self. She never thought she would be a victim of disrespect and betrayal but one day her wonderful life is turned upside down. Being faced with a decision of playing the fool or being strong Genesis...

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