New Urban Fiction

Book Cover: Loyalty and Deceit

Loyalty and Deceit

Author: Beanie Sigel

ISBN: 9780984006038

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Book Cover: Pearl Tongue

Pearl Tongue


ISBN: 9781496715180

With a drug addict mother and a drug lord father, Aphtan learns how to fend for herself at an early age. Being the princess of an empire has its perks - until her father gets arrested. From stealing clothes and food to committing fraud, Aphtan does what she has to...

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Book Cover: Thin Line Between Death and Dishonor

Thin Line Between Death and Dishonor

Author: Amir Sanchez

ISBN: 9781601625632

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Book Cover: When Loyalty Dies, So Does Love: Renaissance Collection

When Loyalty Dies, So Does Love: Renaissance Collection


ISBN: 9781622865345

Loyalty is once again tested in this second installment of When Loyalty Dies So Does Love. The crew that you love to hate is back with a few new characters bringing that drama. Tasha is in rare form as she has to come out of character to once again protect...

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Book Cover: My Husband's Mistress: Renaissance Collection

My Husband's Mistress: Renaissance Collection


ISBN: 9781622865369

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Book Cover: Definition of a Bad Girl

Definition of a Bad Girl


ISBN: 9781622865710

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Book Cover: Beating the Odds

Beating the Odds


ISBN: 9781622865734

Brad Carter is down on his luck. He loses his job, catches his woman in bed with another man, and he's days away from being booted out of his home. Wanting to get away from his problems, Brad and his boys go to a nightclub, where they meet a wealthy...

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Book Cover: When the Dimes Drop

When the Dimes Drop

Author: Michell'a

ISBN: 9781940560427

Born with natural beauty, four sisters from different walks of life end up on the same criminal path. Ongell, Cheyenne, Monet, and Yayo form a tight sisterhood while living a life filled with drugs, blood money, violence, and almost every class of intimate sex known to mankind. But all good...

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Book Cover: A Classy Thug

A Classy Thug

Author: J J Jackson

ISBN: 9781940560441

Deja finds out that her so-called husband is seeing another woman behind her back. He and his mistress even plan to marry. When she finds this out it sends her to the point of no return, a place where Zecman thought she would never go. Only if she knew he's...

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Book Cover: Baller Bitches The Reunion Volume 4

Baller Bitches The Reunion Volume 4

Author: Joy Deja King

ISBN: 9781942217602

Diamond, Kennedy and Blair are back in Baller Bitches The Reunion. Diamond s life seems idyllic. She has two beautiful children. Is married to NBA Superstar, Cameron Robinson and the love they share seems to have no limits. But when their relationship is rocked by a scandal can love once...

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Book Cover: Connected to the plug 2

Connected to the plug 2

Author: Dwan Marquis Williams

ISBN: 9781943686384

After taking a slug to the crown, street hood Menace has been out of commission for two long years. Now fully healed he aims to pick up where he and cohort Speedy left off, and there's no time like the present. With Menace on the 'disabled list,' Speedy has grown...

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Book Cover: Supreme and Justice 2

Supreme and Justice 2

Author: Ernest Morris

ISBN: 9781943686490

Twin brothers Supreme and Justice have both become embroiled in their own separate battles for street supremacy. The former (Supreme) , just received a "major" promotion in the drug game. One that will earn him a substantial new flow of capital. But just as his "kingpin stock" starts to rise.....

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Book Cover: Black Senate

Black Senate

Author: Zaid Za'hid

ISBN: 9781944992545

The Black Senate is an epic story of a new breed of gangstas living under a new g-code of street laws. Jerusalem Williams and his two comrades, along with their war princess Pinky are known on the streets as the three Kings and the Queen B. After going to prison...

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Book Cover: Pretty Boy Hustlerz Part 1

Pretty Boy Hustlerz Part 1

Author: Victor L Martin

ISBN: 9781944992767

Right behind bars is where Lorenzo runs into a unique hustle to earn that tax free paper. In his time of weakness he jumps headfirst into the hustle with his homeboy, Travis. The two guards have a mission that's focused on money and they'll earn it by any means. Pretty...

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Book Cover: Deadly Reunion

Deadly Reunion

Author: Ernest Morris

ISBN: 9781947340053

The North Philly underworld is a shark tank. In this part of town you got two choices. Rise to the top... or GET EATEN. The latter just happened to one of the hood's OG's. A real "Godfather," in fact... you could call him the boss of bosses. Everyone has a...

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Book Cover: The Santana Brothers

The Santana Brothers

Author: Kia Jones

ISBN: 9781974011551

Being the son of an ex-drug lord, you would think the Santana Brothers wouldn't have a worry or problem in this world. Not only is that so far from the truth, but, they actually just might have it a little worse. Islah Santana just finished doing a 15 year bid...

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