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Book Cover: I'm New York's Finest

I'm New York's Finest

Author: Kiki Swinson

ISBN: 9780986203794

Naomi Foxx isn't your typical flight attendant for America's Airlines, she's also a drug smuggling mule. Money is great but all of that will come crashing down on her wants the DEA gets wind of her operation.

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Book Cover: Thugs Cry 3: Respect my Gangsta

Thugs Cry 3: Respect my Gangsta

Author: Ca$h

ISBN: 9780990428053

Money, power, respect and the battle for one woman's love pitted two notorious drug dealers against each other in a bloody battle that left behind many casualties. Young NARD has finally brought down CJ, Newark, New Jersey's most powerful and most dynamic crack King. But the baby-faced drug kingpin has...

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Book Cover: Gwop Gang: Shauntay's Self-Made Love Story

Gwop Gang: Shauntay's Self-Made Love Story

Author: Akasha.

ISBN: 9781542681346

Shauntay Hernandez's mind has been made up since childhood - she wants to be a Bay Area crime boss. She doesn't have an empire to run until she meets Malcolm Graham, a vicious gang leader from San Francisco, California. But problems soon arise. Malcolm's sister, Assata Wun, has other plans...

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Book Cover: Hell Has No Fury

Hell Has No Fury

Author: Hoge Raad.

ISBN: 9781545039854

Blair's life wasn't supposed to be like this. She had it all planned out - start her career, get married to a man that loves her at age 30, then have two kids. But when she wakes up one stormy morning with a hangover, she sees blood in her bed...

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Book Cover: Ashley and Nef's Teflon Love: Gwop Gang 2

Ashley and Nef's Teflon Love: Gwop Gang 2

Author: Hof Arnhem.

ISBN: 9781545066218

Nef is a successful criminal boss among the top ranks of GWOP GANG, a criminal enterprise spanning across the United States and abroad. Maliah, once held a sexual prisoner by a U.S. Congresswoman, has emerged as a hustler in her own right. Once these two cross paths, there's no stopping...

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Book Cover: Carl Weber's Kingpins: Los Angeles

Carl Weber's Kingpins: Los Angeles

Author: C N Phillips

ISBN: 9781622866618

Join in as C. N. Phillips paints a kingpin story the way it has never been done before. To some it will be a beautiful mural; to others it will be a brutal massacre.Ever since he was a child, the only thing Cyril Anderson wanted was to be down with...

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Book Cover: Street Moguls & Mafia Bosses: 1, 2 & 3

Street Moguls & Mafia Bosses: 1, 2 & 3

Author: Tony Steele

ISBN: 9781940560274

Professional hitman, Almas Branson, is on top of his game. He's one of the most sought after executioners in the business. But after his latest contract killing of Seymour Morgenstern, a senior partner at a financial company that caters to the Mafia, the FBI jumps on Almas's trail and he's...

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Book Cover: Hell Has No Fury 2: Eye For An Eye

Hell Has No Fury 2: Eye For An Eye

Author: J.J. Jackson

ISBN: 9781974466627

Blair left Shawn for dead, paralyzed from the neck down. But Mrs. Scoot, a licensed physical therapist - along with the help of her daughter Sasha - help Shawn recover to full health. Not long after, Blair comes back into Shawn's life. And although Shawn has a budding interest for...

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Book Cover: Defined by My Curves: Falling for a BBW

Defined by My Curves: Falling for a BBW

Author: Tyanna

ISBN: 9781985127838

Genesis Shaw broke the BBW mold with her unquestionable confidence and natural love of self. She never thought she would be a victim of disrespect and betrayal but one day her wonderful life is turned upside down. Being faced with a decision of playing the fool or being strong Genesis...

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Book Cover: When The Side N*gga Catch Feelings 2: The Finale

When The Side N*gga Catch Feelings 2: The Finale

Author: Jessica N Watkins

ISBN: 9781986354110

At the end of When The Side N*gga Catch Feelings part 1, all hell breaks loose. The two side dude's that Heaven and Treasure have fallen for pretended as if they could play second to another man. Now, their feelings are in the way, secrets have been revealed, and Vegas...

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