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Book Cover: King of the Dancehall

King of the Dancehall


ISBN: 9781250113245

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Book Cover: Street Rap

Street Rap


ISBN: 9781496721020

They risked it all for the love of the dough, then wrote chart-topping songs about it. But can this crew escape their past? For Reece and Qwess, being rap superstars was the dream, but in real life nothing moved without the money. So they formed the Crescent Crew, an outfit...

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Book Cover: If You're Willing

If You're Willing

Author: Ivy Symone

ISBN: 9781537724935

After witnessing the love prosper between her friends, Jah and Jazmin, Cassie longs for her own loving relationship. Hoping that things would evolve, Cassie gives long time friend Rock a try. Dealing with baby mama drama, his constant lying, and her own hangups with love, has proven to be a...

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Book Cover: The Bed We Made

The Bed We Made

Author: Ivy Symone

ISBN: 9781548802783

Niecey, a discontented wife, goes on a vengeful mission seeking a man, any man, a stranger to give herself to for one night. Just to give her cheating husband a dose of how it feels. She sought a one night stand; but instead, stumbled upon a serendipitous situation. Nothing should...

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Book Cover: Bad Habitzz: What's Yours

Bad Habitzz: What's Yours

Author: Ivy Symone

ISBN: 9781548802851

Everyone has bad habits. Some are hard to break, while others can be stopped cold turkey. But what happens when your bad habit gets you in some shit you can't get out of? Andrea has just returned home after her other half's passing. She reunites with her childhood friends; however...

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Book Cover: Hate To Love You

Hate To Love You

Author: Ivy Symone

ISBN: 9781722123932

I would be lying if I said I hadn't ever wished death on my husband. I was guilty. And I used to not feel bad about having those feelings. My husband was evil, and most days I hated him. I used to come up with outlandish schemes in my head...

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Book Cover: Stackin' Paper Part 5

Stackin' Paper Part 5

Author: Joy Deja King

ISBN: 9781942217688

Genesis and his clique are back in Stackin' Paper Part 5. Amir's deception has made him an outsider to the man he respects the most. Will Father and Son ever see eye to eye again?Supreme, Nico, T-Roc and Lorenzo all team up for the greater good, to put an end...

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Book Cover: Influence



ISBN: 9781945855078

When he graduates with his law degree, handsome and charismatic Langston Hudson is ready to hit the ground running as a lawyer with his family's firm, but a routine traffic stop during a night out with his friends quickly derails his plans and turns his world upside down. Langston and...

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Book Cover: Me and My Girl

Me and My Girl


ISBN: 9781945855115

"I'm in love with my best friend's boyfriend." It seems to be a trend, but for 25-year-old Matise Jackson, it is an ugly truth. When she told her college best friend the type of woman she thought he should be with, she was describing herself, but instead of falling into...

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Book Cover: Relationship Status

Relationship Status


ISBN: 9781945855351

Three couples, three journies, one destination. Love should feel euphoric, right? For these three women, sometimes it's not that easy.Tori has loved the same man for what seems like her entire life, but with a list of broken promises and lies told by her husband, Keyton, Tori finds herself at...

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Book Cover: Bikes, Toys, & Hot Boyz

Bikes, Toys, & Hot Boyz


ISBN: 9781945855368

For sisters Diem, Drea, and Ophelia, coming from the same bloodline as Julian "Knight" Hart meant that the legacy of their motorcycle club, Hart's Angels, must continue to live up to his expectations. Although the sisters are as different as night and day, they were taught by their father that...

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Book Cover: I was Made to Love You

I was Made to Love You


ISBN: 9781945855399

When doors aren't fully shut from the past, they have a way of ruining possibilities in the future. Can Ceanna and Avantae's love stand in the midst of a raging storm?Let it burn! Ceanna is forced to bury her best friend Tonya after a sudden illness. Now she's guardian to...

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Book Cover: In Love With a Brooklyn Thug

In Love With a Brooklyn Thug

Author: NAKO.

ISBN: 9781945855429

When what was supposed to be a fun date night opens Pandora's Box, Nia is left feeling betrayed. In this suspenseful and romantic series from Nako, love has been put to the ultimate test. Can the past be forgiven?Nia Hudson, fashion powerhouse and philanthropist, swore that love wasn't for her...

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Author: Nicole Goosby

ISBN: 9781948878845

After her drug kingpin brother is sentenced to a long prison term in the Fed's, CHANEL and her brother's most trusted comrade, CHRIS, take control of The Circle, the notorious money-getting crew her beloved brother once headed. With Chris by her side, the pretty Queen Pin delivers a deadly warning...

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Book Cover: A Drug King and His Diamond 2: Winner Takes All

A Drug King and His Diamond 2: Winner Takes All

Author: Nicole Goosby

ISBN: 9781949138092

In the dog-eat-dog game of the streets, where survival of the fittest is the ultimate mindset of every player, DIAMOND is hell-bent on holding her own against other players who have come to see ANTONIO'S incarceration as an opportunity to gain hegemonic control in the street game. But Diamond ain't...

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