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Book Cover: The Proudest Blue: A Story of Hijab and Family

The Proudest Blue: A Story of Hijab and Family

Author: Muhammad, Ibtihaj

ISBN: 0316519006

A powerful, vibrantly illustrated story about the first day of school--and two sisters on one's first day of hijab--by Olympic medalist and social justice activist Ibtihaj Muhammad. With her new backpack and light-up shoes, Faizah knows the first day of school is going to be s

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Book Cover: Between Us and Abuela: A Family Story from the Border

Between Us and Abuela: A Family Story from the Border

Author: Mitali Perkins

ISBN: 0374303738

It's almost time for Christmas, and Maria is traveling with her mother and younger brother, Juan, to visit their grandmother on the border of California and Mexico. For the few minutes they can share together along the fence, Maria and her brother plan to exchange stories and

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Book Cover: Everyone Counts

Everyone Counts

Author: Sierra, Judy

ISBN: 0525646205

From the bestselling creators of Wild About Books comes a rhyming, counting, and teamwork-focused picture book about the beginnings of a new zoo! When Takoda the tiger cub happens upon a tumbledown mall, the lone cub imagines a zoo. All Takoda needs is a capable cre

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Book Cover: My Grandma and Me

My Grandma and Me

Author: Javaherbin, Mina

ISBN: 0763694940

In a true tale of a young girl in Iran and her grandmother, this beautiful ode to family celebrates small moments of love that become lifelong memories.In this big universe full of many moons, I have traveled and seen many wonders, but I have never loved anything or any

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Book Cover: Around the Table That Grandad Built

Around the Table That Grandad Built

Author: Heuiser Hill, Melanie

ISBN: 0763697842

A beautifully illustrated celebration of bounty and gratitude, family and friendship, perfect for the holidays and every day. This is the table that Grandad built.These are the sunflowers picked by my cousins,set on the table that Grandad built.

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Book Cover: Don't Call Me Bear!

Don't Call Me Bear!

Author: Blabey, Aaron

ISBN: 1338360027

Koala is NOT a bear! (Or is he?) Find out why Koala is so mad in this new, irresistibly funny picture book from Aaron Blabey, the bestselling creator of Pig the Pug!"G'day, my name is Warren and I've got something to share... Just because I'm furry DOESN'T MEA

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Book Cover: Thunder Trucks

Thunder Trucks

Author: Klein, Cheryl

ISBN: 1368024602

Was that a flash of lightning? A rumble of thunder?Better get ready--there's a new crew in town!As Bulldozer piles up clouds and Tanker Truck hauls the rain, the whole Thunder Truck gang works together to build a tremendous storm.Brimming with energy and fun, this chee

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Book Cover: Spot & Dot

Spot & Dot

Author: Cole, Henry

ISBN: 1534425551

From beloved author-illustrator Henry Cole comes the stunning follow-up to Spot, the Cat. In this beautiful wordless picture book, Spot the cat finds a dog named Dot who's off on her own adventure through the city!In Henry Cole's vivid wordless picture book <

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Book Cover: Fly!


Author: Teague, Mark

ISBN: 1534451285

Mama bird thinks it's time for Baby bird's first flight, but Baby bird has other ideas in this humorous wordless picture book from New York Times bestselling author-illustrator Mark Teague.It's a big day up in the tree that Mama bird shares with her baby. Mama bird

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Book Cover: DUCK!


Author: McKinlay, Meg

ISBN: 1536204226

In this funny nod to Chicken Little, a quiet afternoon on the farm might be the scene of a barnyard disaster waiting to happen.When Duck runs around the farm shouting "DUCK!" to the other animals, they grow exasperated as they haughtily explain to Duck which anim

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Book Cover: Trucker and Train

Trucker and Train

Author: Hannah Stark

ISBN: 9780544801813

Kindness and friendship triumph over bullying in this action-packed story that's perfect for fans of Little Blue Truck and Loren Long's Otis stories, and for every vehicle-obsessed little one. Trucker, the big rig, loves to rule the road with his size, strength, and mighty horn. The other vehicles swerve and...

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Book Cover: As Warm As the Sun

As Warm As the Sun

Author: Kate McMullan

ISBN: 9780823443277

French bulldogs Toby and Pinkie learn to live together and form a heartwarming friendship.Toby loves basking in the morning sun, snuggling in a lap in the afternoon, and toasting his tummy by the fireside at night, but somehow his warm spots never last. What Toby wants more than anything is...

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Book Cover: Our World Is Relative

Our World Is Relative

Author: Julia Sooy

ISBN: 9781250293688

A fun and engaging picture book from author Julia Sooy illustrator Molly Walsh explaining Einstein's theory of relativity.Size, speed, weight, direction, distanceWe think of space and time as fixed and measurable.But these measurements -- our experience of space and time -- they are relative.Our world is relative.With simple, engaging text...

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Book Cover: My Tiny Pet

My Tiny Pet

Author: Jessie Hartland

ISBN: 9781524737535

A witty celebration of the tiny tardigrade, a microscopic creature that looks like a bearLiving in a tiny house has one huge drawback--no space for pets. So when a little girl's parents announce that it's time for the family to simplify, downsizing from a huge home in the city to...

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Book Cover: Ball & Balloon

Ball & Balloon

Author: Rob Sanders

ISBN: 9781534425620

A ball must learn to deal with his envy when a floating balloon has him feeling down in this simple and relatable story that reminds little ones that being different is what makes you special.Balloon can soar, he can fly, he can dip, duck, and hover - all on his...

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