Tis the Season: Holiday Movies

Book Cover: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: 50th Anniversary

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: 50th Anniversary

Author: Burl Ives

ISBN: 6315636942

Rudolph becomes a hero when he guides Santa through the storm and enables him to deliver Christmas presents to the world.

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Book Cover: Santa Claus: Movie

Santa Claus: Movie

Author: Dudley Moore

ISBN: 012236111870

This is the story of a master toymaker who discovers a magical kingdom of elves at the North Pole. He is entrusted with special powers to become Santa Claus! He meets Patch (Dudley Moore) , an eager-to-please elf who becomes mixed up with a dastardly toy tycoon's (John Lithgow) plans...

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Book Cover: Christmas Carol, A

Christmas Carol, A

Author: Reginald Owen

ISBN: 012569677159

In one haunted evening, embittered old miser Ebenezer Scrooge, who has soured on the world and his fellowman, learns the true spirit of Christmas from three ghostly visitors. After moving visions of long-dead happiness, of past and present remorse and a fearful glimpse into the future, Scrooge receives the chance...

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Book Cover: Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Author: Daniel Stern

ISBN: 024543152569

John Hughes and Chris Columbus repeat their best-selling formula from the first Home Alone film with this sequel. Once again Kevin McCallister's (Macaulay Culkin) family leave him behind, only now he gets on a flight to New York instead of going with his family to Miami. Kevin manages to hail...

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Book Cover: The Family Stone (Widescreen Edition) (2005)

The Family Stone (Widescreen Edition) (2005)

Author: Claire Danes

ISBN: 024543234029

A woman meets her future in-laws and discovers they don't much care for her in this comedy from writer and director Thomas Bezucha. Everett Stone (Dermot Mulroney) is a successful young businessman who is dating Meredith Morton (Sarah Jessica Parker) , and has asked her to spend Christmas with his...

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Book Cover: Miracle On 34th St bw

Miracle On 34th St bw

Author: John Payne

ISBN: 024543391890

Edmund Gwenn plays Kris Kringle, a bearded old gent who is the living image of Santa Claus. Serving as a last-minute replacement for the drunken Santa who was to have led Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, Kringle is offered a job as a Macy's toy-department Santa. Supervisor Maureen O'Hara soon begins having...

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Book Cover: Jingle All the Way (Family Fun Edition)

Jingle All the Way (Family Fun Edition)

Author: Arnold Schwarzenegger

ISBN: 024543465478

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns in a new holiday comedy as a father determined to buy his son that "must have" Christmas toy during a frantic shopping spree on Christmas Eve.

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Book Cover: Jingle All the Way 2

Jingle All the Way 2

Author: Larry The Cable Guy

ISBN: 024543968450

Larry the Cable Guy embarks on a wacky journey to defend Christmas from cancellation per the demands of the new mayor. ~ Tracie Cooper

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Book Cover: The Family Man

The Family Man

Author: Nicolas Cage

ISBN: 025192073670

Jack Campbell (Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage) is a single, wealthy Wall Street trader living the high life in New York City. All that magically changes one winter morning when he wakes up in suburban New Jersey next to Kate (Tea Leoni) , the girlfriend he left 13 years ago...

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Book Cover: The Nutcracker: The Untold Story

The Nutcracker: The Untold Story

Author: Elle Fanning

ISBN: 025192123955

Experience the classic holiday tale of the Nutcracker brought to life like you have never seen it before. This all-new film features a highly-acclaimed cast including; Elle Fanning, Nathan Lane, Frances de la Tour and John Turturro. Join Mary on a magical adventure when her toy nutcracker comes to life...

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Book Cover: Love Actually

Love Actually

Author: Hugh Grant

ISBN: 025192198977

Feel the love this holiday season with the Love Actually 10th Anniversary Edition! Funny, charming and heartwarming, this delightful romantic comedy follows eight couples whose lives intersect shortly before Christmas. Headlined by an incredible roster of stars, this beloved film also features early movie appearances by Martin Freeman (The Hobbit)...

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Book Cover: Almost Christmas

Almost Christmas

Author: Kimberly Elise

ISBN: 025192347191

Oh, the joy of family. A new comedy from writer/director David E. Talbert (Baggage Claim) and producer Will Packer (Ride Along, Think Like a Man series) , Almost Christmas tells the festive story of a beloved patriarch who asks his family for one gift this holiday season: to get along...

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Book Cover: Bad Santa

Bad Santa

Author: Billy Bob Thornton

ISBN: 031398137184

The baddest Santa ever comes to town with the hilarious Billy Bob Thornton, Bernie Mac, and John Ritter! Ill-mannered store Santa Willie Stokes (Thornton) is really a safecracker with a holiday tradition of making one big score every Christmas Eve with his clever Elf-partner-in- crime Marcus. But this year's heist-fest...

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Book Cover: Holiday Family Classics: The Thanksgiving Treasure / The House Without A Christmas Tree

Holiday Family Classics: The Thanksgiving Treasure / The House Without A Christmas Tree

Author: Jason Robards

ISBN: 032429156112

Celebrate the holiday season with two all-American family classics based on the beloved novels by Gail Rock! The House Without A Christmas Tree and The Thanksgiving Treasure follow the everyday adventures and small miracles of the Mills family. Addie Mills (Lisa Lucas) is a smart and strong-willed young girl living...

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Book Cover: White Christmas (Diamond Anniversary Edition)

White Christmas (Diamond Anniversary Edition)

Author: Bing Crosby

ISBN: 032429200969

Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye team up to enliven a winter resort inn. The Irving Berlin musical score sparkles with some great tunes, including the magical title track.

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Book Cover: It's A Wonderful Life

It's A Wonderful Life

Author: James Stewart

ISBN: 032429251633

This is director Frank Capra's classic bittersweet comedy/drama about George Bailey (James Stewart) , the eternally-in-debt guiding force of a bank in the typical American small town of Bedford Falls. As the film opens, it's Christmas Eve, 1946, and George, who has long considered himself a failure, faces financial ruin...

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Book Cover: Scrooged


Author: Richard Donner

ISBN: 032429279309

A darkly comic and surreal contemporization of Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol, this effects-heavy Bill Murray holiday vehicle from 1988 sees the former SNL funnyman assuming the role of television executive Frank Cross, the meanest and most depraved man on earth. Cross will stoop to unheard of levels to increase...

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Book Cover: Christmas with the Kranks

Christmas with the Kranks

Author: Tim Allen

ISBN: 043396048614

When their only daughter Blair leaves the family nest, Luther and Nora Krank (Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis) decide to book an island cruise to beat the yuletide blues and just skip the holidays. But their decision to boycott tradition has the whole neighborhood in an uproar, and when...

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Book Cover: Home Alone

Home Alone

Author: Macaulay Culkin

ISBN: 086162001598

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Book Cover: A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

Author: Brian Desmond Hurst

ISBN: 089859885129

Alastair Sim's tour-de-force performance as the ultimate miser, Ebenezer Scrooge, has almost single-handedly made this beloved version of Charles Dickens' story into one of the best-loved Christmas films of all time. Some of Britain's best filmmakers united behind Sim, who was joined by a delightful cast of accomplished and acclaimed...

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Book Cover: Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Author: Jeffrey Price

ISBN: 0191329032725

Discover the true meaning of the holiday season with the live action adaptation of the beloved classic, Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Starring Jim Carrey as the Grinch, director Ron Howard and producer Brian Grazer reimagine one of the most enduring holiday stories of all time. Why is...

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Book Cover: Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn

Author: Mark Sandrich

ISBN: 0191329036709

Screen legends Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire sing and dance their way into your heart in one of the most timeless holiday classics ever, Holiday Inn. Featuring the Academy Award-winning song, "White Christmas," Crosby plays a song-and dance man who leaves showbiz to run an inn that is open only...

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Book Cover: Saving Christmas

Saving Christmas

Author: Kirk Cameron

ISBN: 0602341006798

This Christmas, have your family join with Kirk Camerons family and dive headfirst into all the joy, dancing, celebration, feasting, imagination, and traditions that glorify the true reason for the season. SAVING CHRISTMAS is an engaging story that provides a biblical basis for our time-honored traditions and celebrations, and the...

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Book Cover: Santa Clause 2

Santa Clause 2

Author: ~ Tim Allen

ISBN: 0786936221800

Walt Disney Pictures presents an all-new comedy adventure overflowing with holiday cheer. Tim Allen reappears in SANTA CLAUSE 2, the hilarious sequel to everybody's holiday favorite. Scott Calvin (Allen) has been Santa Claus for the past eight years, and his loyal elves consider him the best one ever. But Scott's...

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Book Cover: The Muppet Christmas Carol

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Author: Michael Caine

ISBN: 0786936286991

Greetings, holiday movie fans and culture lovers, I am the Great Gonzo...or, as I am better known to fans of this classic motion picture -- literary legend Charles Dickens. Ready to laugh, cry, sing, frolic, cavort and enjoy yourself beyond belief!? Well, you're in luck, because this 20th Anniversary Edition...

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Book Cover: 
                  The Santa Clause 3 - The Escape Clause

The Santa Clause 3 - The Escape Clause

Author: Tim Allen

ISBN: 0786936727012

Tim Allen is back in the big red suit for more adventure and laughs in Disney's hilarious family comedy. Get ready for a thrilling sleigh ride as the reluctant Santa Claus faces his most chilling and hysterical challenge yet. As Christmas nears, Scott Calvin invites his in-laws (Ann-Margret and Alan...

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Book Cover: Disney's A Christmas Carol

Disney's A Christmas Carol

Author: ~ Jim Carrey

ISBN: 0786936805048

From Walt Disney Pictures comes the magical retelling of Charles Dickens' beloved tale - Disney's A Christmas Carol, the high-flying, heartwarming adventure for the whole family, starring Jim Carrey. When three ghosts take penny-pinching Scrooge on an eye-opening journey, he discovers the true meaning of Christmas -- but he must...

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Book Cover: Elf


Author: ~ Will Ferrell

ISBN: 0794043716829

This hilarious Christmas film tells the tale of a young orphan child who mistakenly crawls into Santa's bag of gifts on Christmas Eve and is transported back to the North Pole and raised as an elf. Years later Buddy learns he is not really an elf and goes on a...

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Book Cover: Gift Of The Magi

Gift Of The Magi

Author: Lisa Mulcahy

ISBN: 0883476032726

With the holidays just around the corner, struggling newlyweds Jim and Della Young are challenged to get each other the perfect gift. Determined to make each their respective wishes come true, they make a secret sacrifice. But a series of misunderstandings soon undermine their respective schemes, and fate itself will...

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Book Cover: The Gathering

The Gathering

Author: Edward Asner

ISBN: 0883929147151

A fondly remembered holiday item from the latter phase of a great age of TV movies, The Gathering has an irresistible idea and a splendid central performance from Edward Asner, the actor for whom the term gruff but lovable was surely coined. We learn in the opening seconds of the...

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