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Steinem Sisters Collection

Located at Main Library

The Steinem Sisters Collection is a feminist collection that explores the lives and achievements of women. Created to honor Gloria Steinem, the collection champions the historical, cultural and political contribution of women; and strives to provide a welcoming space for women of all walks of life to share their truths. The types of materials we collect are first and foremost “feminist materials”- which are those materials that uphold women’s rights and interests in defining and promoting political, economic, personal and social equality of the sexes. This collection was made possible due to a generous donation by The Steinem’s Sisters Collective.

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Steinem Sisters Collection

A sample of works in the Steinem Sisters Collection, which includes more than 400 materials.


Upcoming programs and new blogs associated with our Steinem Sisters Collection

Feminist Book Discussion

Wednesday Aug. 7
at 6:00 p.m.

Location: Sanger

Want to explore women-centered books and discuss current events surrounding feminism and equality? We'll read a variety of books that explore the many intersections of women's lives. All are welcome.

Event Details for Feminist Book Discussion

Talking Circle with Steinem Sisters Collection

Wednesday Nov. 6
at 6:00 p.m.

Location: Main Library

An informal discussion of a provocative topic related to feminism. All voices welcome. Contact Fact & Fiction for upcoming topics.

Event Details for Talking Circle with Steinem Sisters Collection

A variety of nonfiction books for people who prefer real stories.

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Equal Pay Day is the symbolic marker of how long it takes for women to earn as much as men did the preceding year. Continue reading to learn more about this incredibly important issue that should concern everyone in our modern society.

Continue Reading: Equal Pay Day: An Intersectional Approach

Join us as we discuss the many ways feminism intersects with the various aspects of our lives and our community.

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The Tatum Center Collection

Located at Kent Branch Library

The Art Tatum African American Resource Center, located in our Kent Branch Library, provides historical and educational information on African American culture and heritage. Established in 1989, the Tatum Center Collection is comprised of nearly 10,000 materials, including books, magazines, videos and photos for all ages.

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Tatum Collection

A sample of works in the Tatum Collection, which is comprised of nearly 10,000 materials for all ages.

The Huebner Collection

Featured at all Library locations

The Robert L. and Posy Huebner Collection is one of the largest collections of original art from children’s books housed in a public library. Established in 2004, the collection features artwork from famous children’s books such as Clifford the Big Red Dog, Strega Nona and Fancy Nancy and blends the Huebnber’s passion for art and their lifelong interest in educating children.

Schedule a Tour: Groups can schedule programs, tours and Storytimes featuring the Huebner Collection. Contact the Children’s Library at 419.259.5231 for more information.

Huebner Collection

Read the books and then see the original artwork in person! This is a small sample of books represented in the Huebner Collection.

Grants Collection

Our Grants Collection has materials designed to help you learn about and navigate the world of grants. From how to search for grants that will support your projects and organizations, to grant writing and application, this collection is a great place to begin! Visit our Business and Grants page for even more information.