Big Idea

The BIG IDEA is TLCPL’s action plan to build, improve and grow in the areas of inclusion, diversity, equity and access. An important part of this work is providing our community with resources and materials that inform, challenge, and inspire people to learn more about our shared human experience. We invite you to join us on our BIG IDEA journey with the selections below.


Throughout history, Native American women have always served as leaders, healers, and artists. But you wouldn’t know it from reading most history textbooks

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We hope that this list of both fiction and nonfiction titles for your middle grades reader will inspire ability awareness.

Continue Reading: Ability Awareness resources for Upper Elementary (4-5); Middle School (6-8)

You are enough! Dial in for books highlighting Ability Awareness.

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Check out these nonfiction books written by people with disabilities.

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Want to gain a better understanding of younger characters that have disabilities? Check out these titles about youths who defied normal.

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