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Blog: Jozlyn H

Lady Whistledown Recommends

Let it be known, if there is a scandal, I shall uncover it and share every last detail. These books are sure to be full of them.

Fairy Tales for Adults

Behold, the perfect list for your fairy tale loving heart. Fairy tale stories and retellings for adult readers.

Top Ten Teen Books

In 2020, teens across the country voted these 10 books as their most favorite. Be a part of the vote for 2021!

Happy Birthday Sarah J Maas!

In conjunction with Women’s History Month and her birthday, let us celebrate this author who is making women’s history as we speak… or read!

Poetry for Middle School Readers

Middle school comes with a lot of feelings. Poetry is a beautiful outlet of those feelings. Share these great books with your middle schooler.

Happy Birthday Philippa Gregory!

This is the author that got me hooked! As a high schooler, I read The Other Boleyn Girl and from then on, couldn’t get enough of British history. This book sparked my undergraduate degree

If You Like Fantasy

If you liked any of these five fantasy books, you may like these other titles, too!

Dealing with Sadness

It is OK to feel things. Sadness is a feeling that everyone knows. Let’s explore how to help our children understand this feeling.

Zero Waste

Our planet does not have infinite resources and humans are leaving a big, terrible footprint on it. Let us all do our part, tiny bit by tiny bit. 

Homemade Holiday Gifts

Is your wallet hurting from COVID-19 troubles? Do not despair. You and your children can make beautiful homemade gifts to fit every budget.

Encouraging Children to Read

A short guide with tips to keep your children on their reading journey, plus a few recommendations for along the way.

Our Favorite Apple Books

Sit down with your family, one of these books, and a mug of hot apple cider for a fantastic (and warm) fall experience.

Which Witch Book?

Which Witch Book Should You Read? Here is an assemblage of 12 (because 13 would be unlucky) Witchy books to enthrall you this October.

Get Your Spooky On

Ditch some of that screen time with these Spooktacular Halloween festivity books!