Small Business Launch: The Easy Jump by Eddie Jones

Posted on May 2, 2024

by Lindsay Williams, Small Business and Nonprofit Librarian

As the years pass and we grow wiser, how can we stay both independent and engaged in our communities? This month, the national Administration for Community Living seeks to answer that question. May sees the observance of Older Americans Month with 2024’s ‘Powered by Connection’ theme, recognizing the profound impact that meaningful relationships and social connections have on our health and well-being.

Recently, the Small Business and Nonprofit team had the pleasure of assisting two small business owners who have based their entire entrepreneurial journeys around helping seniors to stay healthy and connected. Keep reading for the story of Eddie Jones, who is expanding the horizons of local older Americans through exercise.

Product: The Easy Jump

Eddie Jones demonstrates using Easy JumpEddie Jones’ ‘second act’ is the Easy Jump, an exercise system offering effortless workouts for all ages and ability levels. The product design became a reality through determination and divine intervention; “I need to give credit to my Lord and Savior for giving me the idea, and then, I really just started drawing. As a person who is somewhat, you might say ‘seasoned’, I am still pretty vital. I had discussions with individuals who may or may not fit that criteria but all still want to stay engaged and stay fit.”

Although anyone can benefit from the Easy Jump, Jones’ target market includes senior centers and those looking to stay healthy and independent through exercise no matter their age. When asked why the Easy Jump would be particularly compelling for this market segment. Jones explained that “they may not be able to get down on the floor like they used to, but the Easy Jump lets them still work the core and biceps to stay toned.” The upright design of this equipment increases blood flow and oxygen and makes it easier to stay engaged.”

Employed full-time as a locomotive engineer for freight trains running between Toledo and Chicago, the shift to the exercise equipment industry may seem radical, but for Jones, it’s all quite related. “I’ve always been very mechanically minded – curious, and drawn to how things work. When I was a kid, at maybe 7 or 8 years old, my Dad mentioned the TV wasn’t working…”

Jones went on to share how he knew from looking at the back of the TV that all the tubes should be lit, and one wasn’t. He jogged on down Indiana toward the Lane’s Drug on Dorr Street (not far from where Mott Library stands today). There at the store was a tube tester; Jones confirmed his suspicion that the one tube was bad, ran back home, and presto! The young man had quickly fixed the TV all on his own.

Though the Easy Jump is only one of Jones’ many mechanical or engineering pursuits, it is his first foray into entrepreneurship. What he has found most surprising about this new small business journey is people’s reactions. From his initial drawings to today, only about a year and a half has elapsed – remarkable progress for a product of significant size that takes some manufacturing know-how. It’s clear that people recognize this effort, “People have ideas, but they may not be bringing them into reality. People say to me ‘wow – The Easy Jump – that’s a good idea! You thought of it, and made it happen.’ That excitement I hear puts an exclamation mark on my product, it really endorses what I’m doing and reaffirms me.”

Jones’ entrepreneurial journey has been rewarding thus far, “I built the Easy Jump. I completed what I set out to do, and from the ground up I did it. Believe it! Achieve it! My daughter suggests that I frame the record of my first sale… that will come in due time,” he said with a positive outlook.

Currently, Jones is still working full-time but in his spare moments, he leverages Toledo’s small business ecosystem to propel his business forward. At the Library, he’s worked with the Small Business and Nonprofit Department team to build lead lists of senior centers and research domains that may present a competitive challenge. “The Library has been instrumental. The SBDC [Small Business Development Center] is also a good source, they’ve been very helpful and very patient.”

When asked what his advice would be for others looking to start their ‘second act’ Jones replied, “Follow your dream and stay focused. It all depends on you. The possibilities are infinite.”

To follow Jones’ entrepreneurial journey, visit the Easy Jump website or @easyjumpnow on Facebook.

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